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Repository Migration Scripts and Configuration
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Repository Migration Scripts and Configuration.

What has moved where!?

The following steps took place during the repository migration in Jan/Feb 2013.

  • new github.pages site deployed at
  • all distributed-process wiki content moved to new github.pages site
  • some wiki content merged into the documentation and/or tutorials sections
  • all github issues migrated to (see jira sub-folder for details)
  • all sub-projects in distributed-process moved into their own git repos bar one
  • all the content under the distributed-process/distributed-process moved up one directory
  • travis-ci builds set up for most (actively developed) projects

Help - something has gone missing!

All git history for the sub-folders extracted from distributed-process should have been preserved. None of the repositories git history was destructively overwritten, so if something did go wrong it should be easy to fix.

If you require further information, please contact the Cloud Haskell maintainers via the parallel-haskell google group (mailing list - and we'll be happy to help.

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