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This is the website for built as a hakyll static site, which builds both as a nix derivation and a standalone cabal project. Issues with the site can be raised in this repository, and PRs can be made to change content. More general administrative issues with the site or related infrastructure are better raised directly with the admin team on the #haskell-infrastructure channel on freenode, or at the admin@[LANGUAGE].org email address.


Not all subsites of are built from this repository. Some of the others are

Contributing Changes

The easiest way to make changes is to use the buildAndWatch script and then point your web browser to http://localhost:8000. When you are finished editing or want to re-build the hakyll part of the site, you can stop the script by pressing Control+c (C-c).

If you are only making changes to the content of the site, you can leave this script running and it will automatically pick up changes and re-build the site for you.

If you want to change the builder, or if you encounter an error where your changes to the content aren't being picked up, need to stop the script and re-start it.

Once you're satisfied with your changes, make a PR and the maintainers will try to review it as soon as we can.

Working On The Builder

The builder is the static site generator that turns the markdown files, CSS, images, and scripts into a website. It lives in the builder. Most of the time, you won't need to make changes to the builder and you can follow the instructions in the Contributing Changes section above.

If you want to make a quick change or two, you can continue to use the buildAndWatch script to rebuild changes, but for more substantial changes this might increase the build cycle time too much. In this case, you can build the builder using either nix or cabal. Directions for both are given below:

Manually Building the Site With Cabal

If you don't have nix installed, or if you are inside of the project's nix shell, you will want to use cabal to compile the builder. To do so, enter the builder directory and compile the program with:

cabal v2-build

Once compiled, the builder must be run from the project root directory so that it can find all of the content. To run the builder, you need to first find the name of the executable. From the builder directory, you can find the executable path by running:

find dist-newstyle -name 'haskell-org-site' -type f

Using that path, you can run the builder from the project root directory.

Manually Building the Site With Nix

If you have nix installed, you can have nix build the builder by running:

nix-build -A builder

You may then run the builder binary from the result directory:

./result/bin/haskell-org-site build