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This is the website for built as a hakyll static site, which builds both as a nix derivation and a standalone cabal project. Issues with the site can be raised in this repository, and PRs can be made to change content. More general administrative issues with the site or related infrastructure are better raised directly with the admin team on the #haskell-infrastructure channel on freenode, or at the admin@[LANGUAGE].org email address.

Cabal instructions

Just run cabal v2-build to build or cabal v2-run to run, and cabal v2-run -- build to actually build the site.

Nix instructions

This repo provides as a nix derivation of a hakyll built static site. The default.nix file returns a set with two elements

  • builder (the hakyll binary which processes source into the static site)
  • built (the static site built by the builder, and ready to serve)


Simply run nix-shell. This will allow you to build the site binary which in turn builds the static site. You may also edit the content of the site in the shell.


You may install the site binary locally with nix-env -f . -iA builder. Once site is on your path you can edit content, and have the site served with site watch.


To obtain the static site simply run nix-build -A built and the generated result link will contain the static site contents.

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