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На русском | Українською | auf Deutsch

What's this?

We are offering a Haskell mentoring program for everyone.

When you join a group, we assign you to an appropriate mentor based on your skill level and preferences. Your mentor will track your progress, and guide your learning experience by providing exercises and reading materials.

After some time we expect you to gain enough skills so that you no longer need a mentor. Indeed, we expect you to start helping people out in the general channels and eventually become a mentor to others, but that's pretty optional.

There is also a number of study groups:

How can I join?

Sign up here: Haskell Learning Group. If it doesn't work, email Artyom at yom@artyom.me.

I haven't programmed before, can I still take part?

Sure. Actually, learning Haskell is like learning programming from scratch, so you're starting out on a level similar to most others.

I want to be a mentor, what should I do?

Great, just write in the #general channel about it.

I'm not sure I'll be a good mentor but want to try

That's okay, another mentor might help you out.

Can I join if I don't want a mentor?

Yeah, sure. Everyone is free to participate in discussions and ask questions in the general channels.

Other questions

Why are you doing this?

We're in love with Haskell and want to share this love with other people.

What languages are supported?

Our mentors speak one or more of Russian, Ukrainian, German and English.

What are your future plans?

After getting enough mentors and skilled students we hope to start working on training projects in groups, and eventually real projects.

I still have a question, how can I ask it?

In #general (or write Artyom directly – either @neongreen in Slack or yom@artyom.me by mail).