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hmatrix installation

WARNING: these instructions are now very out of date. However, there is a CI script which shows what does work; you are advised to look at that and emulate its installation steps.

This package requires GHC 7.8, cabal-install (available in the Haskell Platform), and the development packages for BLAS/LAPACK and GSL.



$ sudo apt-get install libgsl0-dev liblapack-dev libatlas-base-dev
$ cabal update
$ cabal install hmatrix-tests

Other distributions may require additional libraries. They can be given in a --configure-option.

Adrian Victor Crisciu has developed an installation method for systems which don't provide shared lapack libraries.

Mac OS/X

GSL must be installed via Homebrew or MacPorts.

Via Homebrew:

$ brew install gsl
$ cabal install hmatrix

Via MacPorts:

$ sudo port install gsl +universal
$ cabal install hmatrix

(Contributed by Heinrich Apfelmus, Torsten Kemps-Benedix and Ted Fujimoto).


Stack-based build (prefered)

Similar should be build under other OSes, like Linux and OSX. This recipe is for stack 1.4.0 - tested and working.

> stack setup
  1. Download and unzip somewhere OpenBLAS

  2. In MSYS2 console of Stack, i.e.: C:\Users{User}\AppData\Local\Programs\stack\x86_64-windows\msys2-{version}\msys2_shell.bat

    cd /.../OpenBLAS pacman -Sy pacman -S make perl gcc-fortran make clean make make install

  3. Then in normal Windows console for building hmatrix base lib (fill in user name, versions and check if paths are different on your machine):

    stack install --flag hmatrix:openblas --extra-include-dirs=C:\Users{User}\AppData\Local\Programs\stack\x86_64-windows\msys2-20150512\opt\OpenBLAS\include --extra-lib-dirs=C:\Users{User}\AppData\Local\Programs\stack\x86_64-windows\msys2-20150512\opt\OpenBLAS\bin --extra-lib-dirs=C:\Users{User}\AppData\Local\Programs\stack\x86_64-windows\msys2-20150512\usr\lib\gcc\x86_64-pc-msys\6.3.0\

Cabal-based build

(Not tested). It should be possible to install the new package hmatrix >= 0.16 using the dlls contributed by Gilberto Camara available in

  1. cabal update

  2. Download and unzip into a stable folder %GSL%

3.a) In a msys shell:

$ cabal install hmatrix- --extra-lib-dir=${GSL} --extra-include-dirs=${GSL}

3.b) In a normal windows cmd:

 > cabal install --extra-lib-dir=%GSL% --extra-include-dirs=%GSL%

It may be necessary to put the dlls in the search path.

It is expected that a future version of the new hmatrix-gsl package can also be installed using this method.

Alternative Windows build

> cabal update
  1. Download and unzip somewhere OpenBLAS

  2. In a normal Windows cmd:

    cabal install --flags=openblas --extra-lib-dirs=C:...\OpenBLAS\lib --extra-include-dirs=C:...\OpenBLAS\include


After installation we can verify that the library works as expected:

$ cabal install hmatrix-tests
$ ghci
> Numeric.LinearAlgebra.Tests.runTests 20
+++ OK, passed 100 tests.
+++ OK, passed 100 tests.
... etc...
+++ OK, passed 100 tests.
------ some unit tests
Cases: 71  Tried: 71  Errors: 0  Failures: 0