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Does it make sense to port 2.2.30 to GHC 7.4? #24

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It seems that the old version in HP can be easily ported to latest GHC 7.4, in case maintainer wanted to release a package. May be nice since for some strange reasons cabal defaults to OpenGL, if installed on vanilla GHC 7.4.1.


diff -r -u OpenGL- OpenGL-
--- OpenGL- 2012-02-03 07:04:22.929471373 +0100
+++ OpenGL- 2012-02-03 07:01:29.397467256 +0100
@@ -26,5 +26,5 @@
False -> gl_FALSE
True -> gl_TRUE

-unmarshalGLboolean :: Num a => a -> Bool
+unmarshalGLboolean :: (Eq a, Num a) => a -> Bool
unmarshalGLboolean = (/= fromIntegral gl_FALSE)


If understand correctly you are asking if we can fix version (which is in the HP) to compile on ghc 7.4.1?

I'd much rather see the HP upgrade to a recent version of the OpenGL binding, but no one on the HP has responded to my request for help getting the current version into the HP:

Then there is the issue of how do we release As I understand it hackage won't accept that version number now because it's a step backwards from the current version number. If hackage will accept it, then yeah we can do that.


I believe this is fixed now:

Thank you for reporting the issue.

@dagit dagit closed this

Thanks a lot Jason!

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