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backport vertexAttribPointer fix to #29

mzero opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Mark Lentczner Sven Panne
Mark Lentczner

The version of OpenGL included in the Haskell Platform (OpenGL has a known "vertexAttribPointer undefined" bug:

It is apparently easy to fix (remove the "undefined" line as per the previous post).

This is a major "show stopper" bug because it makes it impossible to use OpenGL shaders with the Haskell Platform => can't demonstrate how useful and practical the Haskell Platform is for creating modern looking games.

(OpenGL 2.3.0 has fixed the issue - post here:)

Sven Panne

The current Haskell platform contains the fix, closing...

Sven Panne svenpanne closed this
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