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Documentation generator for the Dhall configuration language

The Dhall configuration language is a programmable configuration language designed to balance ease of maintenance with general-purpose programming language features. The Dhall language has multiple independent implementations, each of which binds to a different host programming language, similar to how JSON or YAML can be read into multiple programming languages. However, a large number of supporting tools are built on top of the Haskell implementation, mainly because that was the first Dhall implementation.

One supporting tool of interest is a documentation generator. Up until now, Dhall packages have been mostly hosted on GitHub/GitLab and documentation consists of inline comments within source files, such as this one:

Many users have requested a more polished solution for generating documentation from these commented source files, analogous to Haskell's haddock tool (a documentation generator for Haskell), which they can then host (as HTML) or include within their Dhall projects (as Markdown files checked into version control). There have even been some nascent attempts to implement this, such as:

To that end, the goal of this project is to implement a command line documentation generator whose input is a directory tree containing a Dhall package and whose output is documentation in either markdown or HTML form. The scope of this project does not include hosting documentation on behalf of users. In other words, this project will only build a Dhall analog of haddock and will not attempt to build a Dhall analog of Hackage.

This project should be appropriate for an beginning Haskell programmer with web development experience. The amount of Haskell code required to write the first draft of the project should be small and there will be many opportunities within the project to exercise web development skills to improve the visual appeal, user experience, and ease of comprehension of the generated documentation.

The project scope can also be extended depending on how things progress by adding features common to other documentation generators, such as:

  • Rendering tests (which are natively supported by the language)
  • Browsing the original source code
  • Type on hover (within the rendered source code)
  • Jump to definition (within the rendered source code)

Potential Mentors: Gabriel Gonzalez, Simon Jakobi, Profpatsch

Difficulty: Beginner

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