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A Haskell binding to the X11 graphics library.

                             HSX11 1.00
                      A Haskell binding for X11

In preparation for a major release of HSX11, we are making an alpha
release for folk to play with.  We welcome bug reports, comments on
how the system is packaged, the web page, examples, comments from
those who build binary and source packages, etc. and especially
welcome comments accompanied by patches or cvs commit messages.

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Haskell binding for
X11 which provides a binding to most of Xlib. The library is
distributed as open source.

The library can be downloaded from:

You will need GreenCard 3.00, GHC 6.0 and, of course, X11 to build the
library.  Installation instructions are in HSX11-1.0/INSTALL.  Bug
reports should be sent to

Alastair Reid

ps This release is based on the GHC team's fptools infrastructure
   which is evolving in the direction of supporting packages like this
   one.  We welcome comments on this infrastructure and, especially,
   offers to help make it better.

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