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module Servant.Server.Internal.RoutingApplication where
import Network.Wai
(Application, Request, Response, ResponseReceived)
import Prelude ()
import Prelude.Compat
import Servant.Server.Internal.RouteResult
import Servant.Server.Internal.ServerError
type RoutingApplication =
Request -- ^ the request, the field 'pathInfo' may be modified by url routing
-> (RouteResult Response -> IO ResponseReceived) -> IO ResponseReceived
toApplication :: RoutingApplication -> Application
toApplication ra request respond = ra request routingRespond
routingRespond :: RouteResult Response -> IO ResponseReceived
routingRespond (Fail err) = respond $ responseServerError err
routingRespond (FailFatal err) = respond $ responseServerError err
routingRespond (Route v) = respond v
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