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Implemented refactorings

  • Rename definition: Can rename bindings, data types, constructors, fields, type variables, etc. Respects scoping.
  • Extract binding: Extracts the selected expression as a local binding.
  • Inline binding: Removes the selected binding and replaces the uses with binding's implementation.
  • Generate type signature: Generates the type signature for a function. Useful for declaring the type if it is complex.
  • Organize imports: Sorts the imports into alphabetical order and narrows the set of imported definitions to the ones that are really used.
  • Organize extensions: Removes unused GHC extensions from the modules.
  • Generate exports: Generate an export list for the module that contains all definitions in it. Useful for narrowing the list of exported definitions to the ones that need to be public.
  • Float out: Moves the given local binding to an outer scope.