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module PackageTests.BuildDeps.InternalLibrary2.Check where
import Test.HUnit
import PackageTests.PackageTester
import System.FilePath
import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as C
suite :: Test
suite = TestCase $ do
let spec = PackageSpec ("PackageTests" </> "BuildDeps" </> "InternalLibrary2") []
let specTI = PackageSpec (directory spec </> "to-install") []
unregister "InternalLibrary2"
iResult <- cabal_install specTI
assertEqual "cabal install should succeed - see to-install/test-log.txt" True (successful iResult)
bResult <- cabal_build spec
assertEqual "cabal build should succeed - see test-log.txt" True (successful bResult)
unregister "InternalLibrary2"
(_, _, output) <- run (Just $ directory spec) "dist/build/lemon/lemon" []
C.appendFile (directory spec </> "test-log.txt") (C.pack $ "\ndist/build/lemon/lemon\n"++output)
assertEqual "executable should have linked with the internal library" "myLibFunc internal" (concat $ lines output)
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