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{-# LANGUAGE DeriveDataTypeable #-}
{-# LANGUAGE DeriveGeneric #-}
{-# LANGUAGE GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving #-}
-- |
-- Module : Distribution.Package
-- Copyright : Isaac Jones 2003-2004
-- License : BSD3
-- Maintainer :
-- Portability : portable
-- Defines a package identifier along with a parser and pretty printer for it.
-- 'PackageIdentifier's consist of a name and an exact version. It also defines
-- a 'Dependency' data type. A dependency is a package name and a version
-- range, like @\"foo >= 1.2 && < 2\"@.
module Distribution.Package
( module Distribution.Types.AbiHash
, module Distribution.Types.ComponentId
, module Distribution.Types.PackageId
, module Distribution.Types.UnitId
, module Distribution.Types.Module
, module Distribution.Types.PackageName
, module Distribution.Types.PkgconfigName
, module Distribution.Types.Dependency
, Package(..), packageName, packageVersion
, HasMungedPackageId(..), mungedName', mungedVersion'
, HasUnitId(..)
, installedPackageId
, PackageInstalled(..)
) where
import Prelude ()
import Distribution.Compat.Prelude
import Distribution.Version
( Version )
import Distribution.Types.AbiHash
import Distribution.Types.ComponentId
import Distribution.Types.Dependency
import Distribution.Types.MungedPackageId
import Distribution.Types.PackageId
import Distribution.Types.UnitId
import Distribution.Types.Module
import Distribution.Types.MungedPackageName
import Distribution.Types.PackageName
import Distribution.Types.PkgconfigName
-- | Class of things that have a 'PackageIdentifier'
-- Types in this class are all notions of a package. This allows us to have
-- different types for the different phases that packages go though, from
-- simple name\/id, package description, configured or installed packages.
-- Not all kinds of packages can be uniquely identified by a
-- 'PackageIdentifier'. In particular, installed packages cannot, there may be
-- many installed instances of the same source package.
class Package pkg where
packageId :: pkg -> PackageIdentifier
mungedName' :: HasMungedPackageId pkg => pkg -> MungedPackageName
mungedName' = mungedName . mungedId
mungedVersion' :: HasMungedPackageId munged => munged -> Version
mungedVersion' = mungedVersion . mungedId
class HasMungedPackageId pkg where
mungedId :: pkg -> MungedPackageId
instance Package PackageIdentifier where
packageId = id
packageName :: Package pkg => pkg -> PackageName
packageName = pkgName . packageId
packageVersion :: Package pkg => pkg -> Version
packageVersion = pkgVersion . packageId
instance HasMungedPackageId MungedPackageId where
mungedId = id
-- | Packages that have an installed unit ID
class Package pkg => HasUnitId pkg where
installedUnitId :: pkg -> UnitId
{-# DEPRECATED installedPackageId "Use installedUnitId instead. This symbol will be removed in Cabal-3.0 (est. Oct 2018)." #-}
-- | Compatibility wrapper for Cabal pre-1.24.
installedPackageId :: HasUnitId pkg => pkg -> UnitId
installedPackageId = installedUnitId
-- | Class of installed packages.
-- The primary data type which is an instance of this package is
-- 'InstalledPackageInfo', but when we are doing install plans in Cabal install
-- we may have other, installed package-like things which contain more metadata.
-- Installed packages have exact dependencies 'installedDepends'.
class (HasUnitId pkg) => PackageInstalled pkg where
installedDepends :: pkg -> [UnitId]