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When dynamic-by-default, build the dynamic library first

This is particularly important when TH is being used, as we need the
dynamic library built before the other ways try to do TH.
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1 parent 4dff0e4 commit 26cbe6b176c4a53c60c1f99e8a257142d085c5d4 @igfoo igfoo committed Oct 12, 2012
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  1. +5 −3 Cabal/Distribution/Simple/GHC.hs
@@ -667,9 +667,11 @@ buildLib verbosity pkg_descr lbi lib clbi = do
unless (null (libModules lib)) $
- do ifVanillaLib forceVanillaLib (runGhcProg vanillaOpts)
- ifProfLib (runGhcProg profOpts)
- ifSharedLib forceSharedLib (runGhcProg sharedOpts)
+ do let vanilla = ifVanillaLib forceVanillaLib (runGhcProg vanillaOpts)
+ shared = ifSharedLib forceSharedLib (runGhcProg sharedOpts)
+ if dynamicByDefault then do shared; vanilla
+ else do vanilla; shared
+ ifProfLib (runGhcProg profOpts)
-- build any C sources
unless (null (cSources libBi)) $ do

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