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Commits on Aug 3, 2015
  1. @23Skidoo

    Revert "Merge pull request #2516 from anton-dessiatov/master"

    23Skidoo authored
    This reverts commit f5020d4, reversing
    changes made to 8d1cc52.
  2. @23Skidoo

    Merge pull request #2750 from anton-dessiatov/master

    23Skidoo authored
    Fix windows build
  3. @anton-dessiatov
Commits on Aug 2, 2015
  1. @23Skidoo

    Merge pull request #2747 from christiaanb/patch-2

    23Skidoo authored
    Add frameworks when linking a dynamic library
Commits on Jul 31, 2015
  1. @christiaanb

    Add frameworks when linking a dynamic library

    christiaanb authored
    This fixes the Cabal side of [GHC trac #10568](
  2. @23Skidoo

    Rename some functions.

    23Skidoo authored
    Rename a bunch of functions of type 'Foo -> String' from 'debugFoo' to
  3. @23Skidoo

    Changelog update.

    23Skidoo authored
  4. @23Skidoo

    Merge pull request #2727 from grayjay/track-package-constraints

    23Skidoo authored
    Improve error message for unsatisfiable package constraints (issue #2643)
  5. @grayjay
  6. @grayjay

    Improve error message for unsatisfiable package constraints (issue #2643

    grayjay authored
    This commit adds the sources of constraints to debugging and error messages,
    e.g., "main config file" or "command line flag".
  7. @23Skidoo

    Changelog update.

    23Skidoo authored
  8. @23Skidoo

    Merge pull request #2738 from 23Skidoo/refactoring-installplan

    23Skidoo authored
    Refactoring installplan
  9. @23Skidoo

    Merge pull request #2746 from randen/haddock2

    23Skidoo authored
    Support haddock response files
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @randen

    Propose code for supporting haddock response files

    randen authored
    This change is for adding the ehancement to support haddock
    response files.  This is what was used to build HP 7.10.2
    for Windows, but it does need a corresponding change in
    haddock to utilize it. Hopefully, this and its corresponding
    haddock change can make it into the next ghc release and
    eliminate much gnashing of teeth, error prone, and time
    consuming manual steps in the HP build process.
    * Cabal/Distribution/Simple/Haddock.hs
      * renderArgs function: I put a couple of things into locals
        since I needed another use for UTF8 support check, plus I
        added another check based on version; the temp file logic
        was just as the prologue case above but I did need to
        repeat the invocation of the 'k' function in order to
        keep the cases separate and allow proper handling of the
        temp file automatic (or not, per --keep-temp-files)
        deletion.  Important: the haddock version being check
        against for response file support, greater than 2.16.1,
        is a placeholder and may or may not be the actual value
        since that will depend on the as-yet-unreleased haddock
        (which looks like it may be >2.16.1 but at this moment is
        not released).
  2. @23Skidoo

    Changelog update.

    23Skidoo authored
  3. @23Skidoo
  4. @23Skidoo
  5. @23Skidoo


    23Skidoo authored
  6. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Remove the now-unused Platform and CompilerInfo from the InstallPlan

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    It wasn't used within the InstallPlan, but it had accessors and those
    were used in a few places. Just pass them into those few places that
    need it.
  7. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Parameterise InstallPlan by its package types

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    So rather than the concrete InstalledPackageInfo and ConfiguredPackage,
    the InstallPlan and PlanPackage are parameterised by the type of the
    installed package, the source package and the types used for successful
    and unsucessful build results.
  8. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Move the ExtDependency type to the only module where it's used

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    Fewer shared types makes the code easier to grok and navigate.
  9. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Localise the InstalledPackage wrapper type to the old TopDown solver

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    No longer needed anywhere else.
  10. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Remove a couple uses of the InstalledPackage wrapper type

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    Removed from the InstallPlan and solver interface.
    The InstalledPackage is really just there for the benefit of the old
    TopDown solver which needs to know source deps.
  11. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Introduce a ResolverPackage type for the result of the solvers

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    Rather than directly reusing the InstallPlan.PlanPackage type which has
    more cases and which we'd like to generalise somewhat.
  12. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Move the ConfiguredPackage validation out of the InstallPlan module

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    The InstallPlan can be generalised by abstracting over the specific
    package types. The only thing that really relies on a lot of the
    details of the concrete ConfiguredPackage type is the bit that
    validates them individually (as opposed to validating packages
    within the plan in relation to other packages, graph structure etc).
    So as a prelude to generalising the InstallPlan, move the checks
    on the ConfiguredPackage into the Dependency module and use them
    when checking the output of the solver.
  13. @dcoutts @23Skidoo

    Move PackageFixedDeps class to Types module

    dcoutts authored 23Skidoo committed
    It was in the PackageIndex module but it was unused there and it
    being there was just confusing.
  14. @dcoutts @23Skidoo
  15. @dcoutts @23Skidoo
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. @23Skidoo

    Changelog update.

    23Skidoo authored
  2. @23Skidoo

    Revert "Merge pull request #2739 from bgamari/osx-frameworks"

    23Skidoo authored
    This reverts commit bd7bbd7, reversing
    changes made to d8fa461.
Commits on Jul 27, 2015
  1. @23Skidoo

    Merge pull request #2739 from bgamari/osx-frameworks

    23Skidoo authored
    Ensure that OS X framework headers are in include path
  2. @bgamari
Commits on Jul 25, 2015
  1. @ezyang

    Properly use test name for test libraries, with updated test.

    ezyang authored
    Signed-off-by: Edward Z. Yang <>
  2. @dcoutts

    Merge pull request #2729 from byorgey/issue-2380

    dcoutts authored
    cabal init: generate less for PublicDomain
Commits on Jul 24, 2015
  1. @23Skidoo


    23Skidoo authored
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