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Jul 03, 2008
igfoo Fix haddocking (with old haddocks?) 1c2517c
Jul 04, 2008
help nhc98's import overlap resolver e92aac4
Jul 05, 2008
RossPaterson fix #if __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ test
The problem is that


is also true for non-GHC.  It should be

Jul 10, 2008
Duncan Coutts Remove the need for a compat Data.Map module
Stop using Map.alter, use the same solution as the PackageIndex module.
Duncan Coutts Correct the order of args given by --PROG-options
They were getting reversed. Problem located by Igloo.
igfoo In, put all the rules that mentions srcdir together cc02447
igfoo Fix some whitespace in 60be060
Jul 11, 2008
igfoo Teach "Setup makefile" how to cope with multiple hs-source-dirs fb09402
igfoo Add a hack to copy .hs-boot files into dist/...
When a preprocessor generates a .hs file we need to put the .hs-boot
file next to it so that GHC can find it.
Duncan Coutts Simplify ghc version test slightly 51419fd
Duncan Coutts derive Eq for ConfiguredProgram
a request from Saizan
Jul 12, 2008
igfoo If install is given a distPref, pass it on to copy and register af1feed
igfoo Fix the "Setup makefile" rules for C files aada993
igfoo Fix installing datafiles
If datadir is foo and the datafile is bar then we should install it to
$datadir/bar, not $datadir/foo/bar.
Jul 13, 2008
igfoo If we are using ghc as hsc2hs's cc, then tell it where package.conf is
if we have been told to use a specific one with --package-db
igfoo Pass -package-conf foo when using GHC as CC 7f23f2f
Jul 15, 2008
igfoo Put GHC's programArgs in GHC_OPTS when making a Makefile ca5cbce
Jul 20, 2008
Duncan Coutts Convert from PackageIndex to PackageSet
Turns out the feature to do case-insensitive lookups was only
needed in cabal-install (and only in one little part) and
elsewhere it causes problems. So use PackageSet instead.
Duncan Coutts Pass -x to strip on OSX e4f079e
Duncan Coutts Change some PackageSet functions to return the package rather than th…
…e id

dependencyGraph and reverseDependencyClosure now return the
full package rather than just the PackageIdentifier
Duncan Coutts Add PackageSet.topologicalOrder and reverseTopologicalOrder
with type :: PackageFixedDeps pkg => PackageSet pkg -> [pkg]
Duncan Coutts Add gccProgram
on Windows we have to find ghc's private copy of gcc.exe
Duncan Coutts Always use gcc as cc with hsc2hs
Lookup what flags to use from the package index. Previously this
was done by calling ghc as cc and passing -package flags to ghc.
ghc would then lookup what extra flags to pass to gcc. We now do
that ourselves directly and it's a good deal simpler and it's
portable to the other haskell implementations. This is only a
first go, the flags may not all be exactly right. Needs testing.
Duncan Coutts Don't need the complex code in detecting hsc2hs anymore
Since we do not need to know if hsc2hs uses ghc or gcc as cc
by default since in either case we now tell it to use gcc.
igfoo Generate expanded makefile rules directly, rather than using $(eval ...)
We used to do this with $(eval ...) and $(call ...) in the
Makefile, but make 3.79.1 (which is what comes with msys)
doesn't understand $(eval ...), so now we just stick the
expanded loop directly into the Makefile we generate.
igfoo Fix warnings and add a comment explaining why we pass -x to strip on …
Jul 22, 2008
igfoo And exitcode of 2 from ghc-pkg when doing describe '*' means no packages
This is a bit of a kludge around GHC's #2201, until Cabal is updated to
use ghc-pkg dump.
igfoo If we have GHC >= 6.9 then use the new -optdep replacement flags 94a3a6e
Jul 23, 2008
igfoo Fix the location of gcc.exe in a Windows GHC installation 7e42163
igfoo Substitute for $topdir when we read GHC's InstalledPackageInfo's 345b908
Jul 24, 2008
help nhc98's module disambiguator a bit 5f2f5dd
Jul 28, 2008
more import qualification to help nhc98 da43b8e
disambiguate Control.Exception.catch for nhc98 ff0bcaf
Jul 29, 2008
Duncan Coutts Pass -no-user-package-conf to ghc when not using UserPackageDB
Should eliminate the corner case where we're doing a global
install but the user package db contains the exact same
version as in the global package db. Perhaps we should warn
in that case anyway since it's likely to go wrong later.
Duncan Coutts Use "pkg == 1.2.*" as the version wildcard syntax
Rather than "pkg ~ 1.2.*". This seemed to be the consensus.
The syntax "pkg == 1.2.*" means "pkg >= 1.2 && < 1.3" and it
is to encourage people to put upper bounds on api versions.
Duncan Coutts Allow $arch and $os in install paths.
Fixes ticket #312. For example a user could use:
  cabal configure --libsubdir="$pkgid/$compiler/$arch"
if they wanted to have packages for multiple architectures
co-exist in the same filestore area.
Duncan Coutts Fix the semantics of the simple file globbing to be sane
I realised when I started to document it that the behaviour
was not terribly consistent or sensible. The meaning now is:
  The limitation is that * wildcards are only allowed in
  place of the file name, not in the directory name or
  file extension. In particular, wildcards do not include
  directories contents recursively. Furthermore, if a
  wildcard is used it must be used with an extension, so
  "data-files: data/*" is not allowed. When matching a
  wildcard plus extension, a file's full extension must
  match exactly, so "*.gz" matches "foo.gz" but not
The reason for providing only a very limited form of wildcard
is to concisely express the common case of a large number of
related files of the same file type without making it too easy
to accidentally include unwanted files.
Duncan Coutts File globs must match at least one file or it's an error. 25c7918
Duncan Coutts Document the $os and $arch install path vars 21c75ca
Duncan Coutts Document the wildcard behaviour in data-files and extra-source-files …
Duncan Coutts Document more clearly that every modules must be listed
in one of the fields exposed-modules, other-modules or main-is
Add an extra note to the section on the Paths_pkgname module
as the fact that it's automatically generated confuses people.
Duncan Coutts Move the docs for the buildable field to a better place.
It doesn't need to be right up near the top.
Duncan Coutts Remove references to cabal-setup from the documentation
Change to runhaskell Setup or cabal-install as appropriate.
Duncan Coutts Move docs for build-depends into the build information section
Since it is shared between libs and exes. Extend the documentation
to describe the syntax of version constraints, including the new
version range syntax "build-depends: foo ==1.2.*".
igfoo Tweak whitespace c33678d
igfoo Fix linking with hsc2hs on OS X
We don't tell hsc2hs to link the actual Haskell packages, so with GHC's
rts package we need to also filter out the -u flags.
igfoo Tweak a test to not go via the pretty printer cbbf8fe
igfoo Pass the right -F and --framework flags when running hsc2hs on OS X 75350b4
Duncan Coutts Do not use ',' as a list separator for the cpp/cc/ld-options fields
It breaks for some options like "ld-options: -Wl,-z,now"
No existing .cabal files on hackage were using ',' as a
list separator so this should not break anything.
Duncan Coutts Fix uses of verbosity > deafening to use >=
The maximum verbosity value is deafening so >= the correct test.
This primarily affected haddock.
Duncan Coutts Do the ghc rts ldOptions hack in a slightly more hygenic way 3d32210
Jul 30, 2008
Duncan Coutts Rearrange the Monoid instances for Library, Executable, BuildInfo
No functional change, just moving code about.
We now define the Monoid methods directly rather than in
terms of emptyLibrary, unionLibrary etc.
Duncan Coutts Add an "exposed" field to the .cabal file library section
It's a bool flag that says if by default the library should
be registered with the compiler as exposed/unhidden (for
compilers which have such a concept, ie ghc). You might want
to do this for packages which would otherwise pollute the
module namespace or clash with other common packages.
It should be very rarely used. The only current examples we
know of are the ghc api package and the dph packages.
Duncan Coutts Remove unused inDir util function ed91949
Duncan Coutts Remove unused imports b109c43
igfoo Make Cabal compatible with extensible exceptions
The code is now also more correct, e.g. when we are ignoring IO exceptions
while trying to delete something, we don't also ignore timeout exceptions.
igfoo Remove unused imports 1ab78e8
Jul 31, 2008
igfoo Fix the Windows build 39d7b99
Duncan Coutts Document the "exposed" .cabal file field 74a8e9c
Aug 02, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix instance Monoid ConfigFlags for configStripExes ede0a5a
Duncan Coutts Update changelog 2c161fd
Aug 03, 2008
igfoo Windows fixes f8844af
Aug 04, 2008
Duncan Coutts Don't try to install libHSfoo.a if the lib had no object files
To allow meta-packages.
Duncan Coutts Adjust registration to allow packages with no modules or objects
So ghc-pkg does not complain about missing files and dirs.
Thomas Schilling Document and refactor 'parsePackageDescription'.
Hopefully this makes this function more understandable and easier to
Aug 06, 2008
Duncan Coutts Move parseFreeText into ParseUtils and use it more widely 3ef05b4
Duncan Coutts Generalise checkPackageFiles to any monad, not just IO
This is to let us use the same checks for virtual or
in-memory file systems, like tarball contents.
Duncan Coutts Tidy up the ppFields function and uses
Put the arguments in a more sensible order:
ppFields :: [FieldDescr a] -> a -> Doc
and make the implementation clearer.
clean up the use of it in the PackageDescription.Parse module
Duncan Coutts Add parsse utils for simple flat formats.
Should help to simplify the InstalledPackageInfo parser
and also for similar formats in cabal-install.
Duncan Coutts Simplify InstalledPackageInfo parser and pretty printer
Using the new utils in ParseUtils.
Simon Marlow setup makefile: put the source-dir suffix rules after the distdir suf…
…fix rules

This matches the behaviour of 'setup build' works, and is robust to
people accidentally having old preprocessed sources lying around in the
source dir.
Simon Marlow allow Cabal to use base-4 8cbc0fd
Aug 07, 2008
Use 'ghc-pkg dump' instead of 'ghc-pkg describe *'
Does not implement lazy parsing of the output of ghc-pkg dump, so this
is only a partial fix of #311.
For more information about why we want to use ghc-pkg dump, see GHC
ticket #2201.
Aug 09, 2008
igfoo When running "Setup makefile", put "default: all" at the top of the M…

This make "make" work even if Makefile.local contains any targets.
Aug 10, 2008
igfoo Make binary-dist do nothing in doc/Makefile, for now 2d45d82
Aug 11, 2008
Simon Marlow Add auto-generated CPP macros for package version testing
Now when using CPP you get 


for each <package> in build-depends, which is true if the version of
<package> in use is >= A.B.C, using the normal ordering on version

This is done by auto-generating a header file
dist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h, and passing a -include flag when
running CPP.
Aug 12, 2008
Duncan Coutts Don't use tab characters in the generated Paths module 71413b0
Duncan Coutts Add data Platform = Platform Arch OS
Since we tend to pass them around together rather a lot.
Also add a Text instance with a format like "i386-linux"
Duncan Coutts Add alias type PackageId = PackageIdentifier 1b4d8ce
Duncan Coutts Fix the config-file field name of the install command's packagedb option 861e0a3
Duncan Coutts Fix warnings in Windows Paths_pkgname module b215f9d
Duncan Coutts Flush stdout when printing debugging messages 2f909e5
Duncan Coutts Don't warn about missing strip.exe on Windows
We don't expect Windows systems to have the strip program anyway.
Aug 13, 2008
Duncan Coutts Minor info and help message improvements a521b9d
fix imports for nhc98 a095b4c
Duncan Coutts Add util rewriteFile :: FilePath -> String -> IO ()
Write a file but only if it would have new content.
If we would be writing the same as the existing content
then leave the file as is so that we do not update the
file's modification time.
Duncan Coutts Move Paths_pkgname and cabal_macros.h generation into their own modules e6f4785
igfoo Catch exit exceptions as well as IO exceptions after running programs
We need to catch IO exceptions for things like "couldn't find the program",
but we also need to catch exit exceptions as Cabal uses them to signal
what the program returned.
Aug 14, 2008
unbreak for non-GHC 2aac520
Aug 18, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix spelling of compatibility
At request of gwern who found that it was driving him nuts.
Aug 21, 2008
Simon Marlow Don't propagate cc-options to the InstalledPackageInfo
cc-options is for options to be passed to C compilations in the
current package.  If we propagate those options to the
InstalledPackageInfo, they get passed to C compilations in any package
that depends on this one, which could be disastrous.  I've seen
cc-options like these:

   cc-options:      -optc-std=c99
   cc-options:         -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
   Cc-options:      -Wall

these are all clearly intended to be local, but are in fact currently
propagated to all dependent packages.
Simon Marlow Don't pass cc-options to Haskell compilations
This has no effect with GHC 6.9, and with earlier GHC's it was a
misuse of cc-options.
Duncan Coutts Fix for #333, "Setup sdist --snapshot fails"
Credit to Spencer Janssen. This is just a slight alternative
to the fix he proposed. It simplifies prepareSnapshotTree.
Aug 22, 2008
Duncan Coutts Update changelog for recent 1.5.x changes c31a76c
Duncan Coutts Bump version number to 1.5.3 a751002
Aug 24, 2008
Duncan Coutts More changelog updates for b04d0e1
Duncan Coutts Note the per-user install path on Windows in the README df8de18
igfoo We now depend on concurrent (split off from base) 15a99d7
Aug 25, 2008
Duncan Coutts Rename --distpref to --distdir
It's more consistent with the other flag names for dirs.
Kept the old name too, but it's not shown by --help.
igfoo Teach Cabal about the PackageImports extension d316049
Aug 26, 2008
Duncan Coutts Separate out and export installDirsOptions
The InstallDirs is a separate type so it's handy to have the
command line and config file options for it available
separately. It'd be useful in cabal-install for one thing.
Duncan Coutts Ban package names that are not valid windows file names
At least for the purposes of distribution. So if you're on unix
then you can call your package 'LPT1' if you feel you must, but
you cannot distribute a package with this name.
Duncan Coutts Add release date of e0f84b0
Aug 27, 2008
Duncan Coutts Add checkPackageFileNames function to check portability of file names
Windows has restrictions on names of files and portable
tar archives have some weird length restrictions too.
Not yet used but should be used in sdist and hackage.
igfoo Add support for manually en/disabled flags
The immediate use for these is so that, in haddock, we can require
ghc-paths normally, but in the GHC build we can manually turn off a flag
so that this dependency isn't needed. We can't use a normal flag, or
in the normal build Cabal would infer that the flag needs to be turned
off if ghc-paths isn't available.
pass -B flag to help gcc find libraries on Windows 866b4b9
Aug 28, 2008
igfoo We need to pass the CPP options to haddock 2 f5a5394
igfoo In wrappers, $executablename needs to expand to something with DESTDIR
The installed wrapper needs to call the executable in its final place,
not inside the DESTDIR where we are constructing a package.
igfoo Allow passing haddock's location and options to "Setup haddock" 100beab
Aug 30, 2008
Duncan Coutts Merge PackageSet and PackageIndex
Have just a single module that provides both the case sensitive and
insensitive operations. Turns out we hardly use the case insensitive
operations, and the places where we do are not performance sensitive
at all. So we use the PackageSet implementation which stores the
packages case sensitively and tack on the case insensitive operations
but with linear time implementations rather than log time. For the
merged module/type name use PackageIndex because that is what older
released versions exported, so less needless client breakage.
Aug 31, 2008
Duncan Coutts Don't redundantly pass programArgs in when calling programs.
That's already done by the Program framework so we were passing
those extra args in twice.
Duncan Coutts Add some more handy Program utils
Mostly for dealing with lists of programs so that client
code doesn't need quite to much flip foldl' (flip thing)
Add specific helpers for reconfiguring programs and
restoring a full ProgramConfiguration after usign read.
Duncan Coutts Use the new Program utils to simplify code in Configure d4a5af2
Duncan Coutts Add flags to build command for specifying program paths
So we're going to allow --with-PROG for the build and haddock
commands, in addition to the existing --PROG-options= flags.
Duncan Coutts Update the haddock command help text
The haddock command now supports --haddock-options=
Duncan Coutts Simplify the handling of --with-prog= in build/haddock commands.
We allow extra rgs and the location of programs to be given to
the build and haddock commands, not just at configure time. The
code to do this is now simpler and more general. This should not
be the default use mode however since it involves configuring
the programs each time where as doing it at configure time allows
it to be done once and saved. Further, specifying a different
version of the program at build time than at configure time is
likely to fail, especially for the compiler programs. Changing
the compiler really requires reconfiguring.
Duncan Coutts Use a hopefully more robust method of determining the gcc version 1f1a961
Duncan Coutts Bump the version number to 1.5.4
due to the PackageSet/Index api changes
Duncan Coutts Display the right message for sdist --snapshot ec939e0
Sep 01, 2008
Simon Marlow Haddock 2: #include <cabal_macros.h> 2846f83
Sep 02, 2008
package concurrent not available in nhc98 3c44f26
Duncan Coutts Add more detail to the -Werror and -fvia-C checks
Also, ban rather than just warn about the -optl-Wl,-s hack
now that Cabal strips exes by default.
igfoo Update CPP-Options in Cabal.cabal to define CABAL_VERSION=1,5,4
It was still defining CABAL_VERSION=1,5,3
Sep 03, 2008
igfoo Pass the interfaces for the transitive set of dependencies to haddock
Otherwise we don't get links to types from packages that we don't
directly depend on.
Duncan Coutts Fix cabal_macros.h for package names containing '-'
As with the Paths_pkgname module, we map '-' to '_' as the
former is not a valid character in cpp macro identifiers.
Fixes cpp redefinition warnings. First reported by gwern.
igfoo follow library changes 32df1e8
Sep 04, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix to compile with base-1.0:Data.List
which did not have isInfixOf
Sep 10, 2008
Duncan Coutts Remove unused 'breaks' util function 75cf418
Sep 13, 2008
Duncan Coutts Check for -optl-s as well as an alias of the more common -optl-Wl,-s b2e3543
Tim Chevalier Documentation only: fix typo in comment 13119a6
igfoo Fix the permission that we give wrapper scripts 3c09bb7
igfoo In "Setup makefile", don't build the vanilla way if it's disabled
This needs a bit of a kludge, as the vanilla way doesn't really exist
as far as the build system is concerned. It's just the absence of way.
igfoo Set GHCI_LIB to "" in "Setup makefile" if GHC libs are disabled ccf49dc
Sep 14, 2008
Tim Chevalier Documentation only: grammar fix in comment 4f58707
Tim Chevalier Documentation only: more typos/punctuation 71bd413
Sep 15, 2008
workaround for nhc98, which does not have System.Posix.Internals 0af9a41
Sep 16, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix the env var names used in the Paths module
Convert any '-' in the package name to '_' when generating the
path env var as most shells do not allow '-' in env var names.
Duncan Coutts Make the new permissions compat module compile
Needs cpp pragma as it has to work with just ghc --make
Did I ever mention I that hate cpp and compat modules?
Duncan Coutts Add an additional program post-conf action
The post-conf action gets given the configured program and is
allowed to do more IO and can add any extra required program
args. Should make it easier to do the gcc -B thing or ld -x
Duncan Coutts Pass any additional gcc options through to gcc when calling hsc2hs 61ed532
Duncan Coutts Yet another go at making gcc -B work properly on windows
This time it should work on linux too! But more significantly
it should work when the user specifies a particular gcc. It
would be very bad if the user gave an alternative gcc but we
still gave it -B for the lib files of ghc's gcc. This go is
rather cleaner as it uses the new program post-conf system.
Sep 17, 2008
Duncan Coutts Allow addKnownProgram to be used as an update, not just insert
ie preserves any existing user-supplied path and args
igfoo Generalise the type of onException
Now it matches Control.Exception's type
igfoo Implement openNewBinaryFile in a Compat module
This is like openBinaryTempFile except it doesn't mark the permissions
with 600. This means datafailes get the right permissions when they are

This should really be in the base package.
igfoo Cope with gcc.exe and ld.exe not being where ex expect on Windows de9286d
Duncan Coutts On windows, fail if ghc's gcc or ld are not found e5bd045
Sep 18, 2008
igfoo Tell gcc on Windows where include/mingw is
We need to tell the gcc bundled with GHC on Windows where its mingw
include directory is
igfoo filter mingw include directories out of rts's installDirs
GHC < 6.10 put "$topdir/include/mingw" in rts's installDirs. This
breaks when you want to use a different gcc, so we need to filter
it out.
Sep 19, 2008
Duncan Coutts Bump version number to 1.5.5
Ready to make the 1.6 branch
igfoo TAG GHC 6.10 fork 2e98406
igfoo TAG 6.10 branch has been forked 2e7a792
Sep 20, 2008
Duncan Coutts Rename --distdir flag to --builddir
Old aliases kept for compatibility
igfoo Fix building with GHC 6.6 190e244
igfoo Update build-deps 177a22d
igfoo Correct the version number in the Makefile 69253dd
igfoo Update the version number in the Makefile 83f26ac
igfoo Fix how Cabal makes the value for __GLASGOW_HASKELL__
6.10.x was giving us 601 rather than 610.
Sep 28, 2008
Duncan Coutts Treat "cabal --flag command" as "cabal command --flag"
eg "cabal -v configure" to mean "cabal configure -v"
For flags that are not recognised as global flags,
pass them on to the sub-command.
Sep 30, 2008
Duncan Coutts Simplify parsing sections in the .cabal file
Allow flags, lib and exes in any order and handle unknown sections better.
Duncan Coutts Add support for specifying source repos in .cabal files
Ticket #58. Does not yet include checking.
Oct 01, 2008
Duncan Coutts Use unknown rather than specific other repo kinds
We can still add more as necessary
Duncan Coutts Add some checks on the repository sections 94d5b94
Duncan Coutts Document the source-repository stuff 63a946a
Duncan Coutts Specify a source repository for Cabal in Cabal.cabal 3efe4a7
Duncan Coutts Update the package description a bit 3c7011d
Duncan Coutts Add bug-reports url field
Ticket #323
Duncan Coutts Add bug-reports field to Cabal.cabal 0d488fe
Duncan Coutts Document the bug-reports field 890fa86
Oct 02, 2008
Duncan Coutts Relax dependencyInconsistencies to allow the base-3,4 thing
Previously we said a package graph was inconsistent if two
dependencies on the same package name specified different
versions. Now we say that two such dependencies on different
versions are ok if there is a direct dependency between those
two package versions. So if your package graph ends up with
both base 3 and base 4 in it, then that's ok because base 3
directly depends on base 4, so we declare it not to be an
inconsistency. This removes the scary warnings at configure
time (fixing ticket #366) and also adjusts the invariant and
assertion of the InstallPlan ADT in cabal-install.
Oct 04, 2008
igfoo Use "-no-auto-link-packages" when using GHC to link
When making packages like ghc-prim we need GHC to not automatically
try to link with base and haskell98.
Oct 06, 2008
clefru Also install dynamically linked executable (when present) d1700ce
Oct 07, 2008
Duncan Coutts Add a few type sigs to help hugs and as documentation
Thanks to Dimitry and Ross for identifying the problem.
clefru Add -no-auto-link-packages also to Makefile driven build de34dac
Simon Marlow add missing exeExtension when stripping an executable 604bf73
Oct 08, 2008
clefru Also respect the max. command line size in Makefile driven builds fcd7f41
Duncan Coutts xargs -s breaks solaris
Hopefully we can figure out a better fix for recent cygwin
versions of xargs which are apparently broken.

rolling back:

Wed Oct  8 08:44:10 PDT 2008  Clemens Fruhwirth <>
  * Also respect the max. command line size in Makefile driven builds

    M ./Distribution/Simple/GHC.hs -7 +13
    M ./Distribution/Simple/GHC/Makefile.hs -1 +1
    M ./Distribution/Simple/GHC/ -1 +1
Oct 09, 2008
Duncan Coutts Make sdist work for libs that use the Paths_pkgname module
Do it by just filtering that module out of the package
description before running sdist etc. This isn't lovely
because it steals that module name from the module namespace
but at least it now works. Thanks to Jean-Philippe Bernardy
for the first iteration of this patch.
Duncan Coutts Update the README 39cbf38
Duncan Coutts Update changelog 6441c9d
Duncan Coutts Bump devel version number to 1.5.6
To make easier to track recent Cabal / cabal-install changes
Duncan Coutts Update versions in regression check script 650c9cd
Oct 10, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix parsing of ld,cc,cpp-options for flags containing ','
The ',' character is not used as a separator and is allowed
within flag tokens. Fixes at least HsPerl5.
Duncan Coutts Fix haddock comment for haddock-0.8 f34daaa
Duncan Coutts Merge the info from the releaseNotes file into the README file c3d5d04
Duncan Coutts Remove the releaseNotes file
It did not actually contain any release notes and just
duplicated information in the README which was confusing.
Duncan Coutts Update changelog 2421e7c
Duncan Coutts Bump version number to 6cab448
Duncan Coutts TAG daad436
Duncan Coutts Update release procedure in Makefile
Building the haddock docs requires building first. Arguably this is
a Cabal bug. It should probably generate the "autogen" files for
haddock and not just for build.
Oct 11, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix instructions in README for building with 6.6 and filepath 4bf8ee0
Duncan Coutts Export a compat function for older Setup.hs scripts
Makes it possible for alex and happy to work with cabal-1.2 -> 1.6
Duncan Coutts Do not use the new meta-data fields yet
Avoid chicken and egg problem. We cannot upload Cabsl-1.6 to
hackage until hackage is using Cabal-1.6 if it uses features
that are introduced in 1.6. So just comment them out for now.
Duncan Coutts Bump version to b443b88
Duncan Coutts TAG 9a578d2
Duncan Coutts Release kind is now rc 9ced06a
Oct 17, 2008
Duncan Coutts Ensure that the lib target directory is present when installing
Variant on a patch from Bryan O'Sullivan
Oct 19, 2008
igfoo Add GHC 6.10.1's extensions to the list in Language.Haskell.Extension ff1923a
Nov 01, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix bug where we'd try to configure an empty set of pkg-config packages
This happened when the lib used pkg-config but the exe did not.
It cropped up in hsSqlite3-0.0.5.
Duncan Coutts Simplify previous pkg-config fix c283c71
Nov 03, 2008
Duncan Coutts Escape ld-options with the -optl prefix when passing them to ghc
Fixes ticket #389
Nov 06, 2008
Thomas Schilling Make auto-generated *_paths.hs module warning-free.
On newer GHCs using {-# OPTIONS_GHC -fffi #-} gives a warning which
can lead to a compile failure when -Werror is activated.  We therefore
emit this option if we know that the LANGUAGE pragma is supported 
(ghc >= 6.6.1).
Nov 22, 2008
Duncan Coutts Update changelog for 1.6.0.x fixes 8d41009
Dec 01, 2008
Andrea Vezzosi Fix #396 and add let .Haddock find autogen modules 2991390
Dec 02, 2008
Duncan Coutts Improve the error on invalid file globs slightly 7ec0b78
Duncan Coutts Fix the date in the LICENSE file 6c3a046
Dec 03, 2008
Duncan Coutts Remove accidentally added bianry file beba81f
Dec 05, 2008
Duncan Coutts Distributing a package with no synopsis and no description is inexcus…

Previously if one or the other or both were missing we only warned.
Now if neither are given it's an error. We still warn about either
Dec 08, 2008
Duncan Coutts Make getting ghc supported language extensions its own function 60b3efb
Duncan Coutts Fake support for NamedFieldPuns in ghc-6.8
Implement it in terms of the -XRecordPuns which was accidentally
added in ghc-6.8 and deprecates in 6.10 in favor of NamedFieldPuns
So this is for compatability so we can tell package authors always
to use NamedFieldPuns instead.
Dec 09, 2008
Duncan Coutts Fix configCompilerAux to consider user-supplied program flags
This fixes a bug in cabal-install
Dec 10, 2008
Duncan Coutts Bump version number to 9547fcb
Dec 11, 2008
Duncan Coutts Update changelog for release 4f4ff59
Dec 23, 2008
Duncan Coutts Ban ghc-options: --make
I dunno, some people...
Jan 13, 2009
Duncan Coutts Enable the global command usage to be set
extend it rather than overriding it.
Also rearrange slightly the default global --help output.
Duncan Coutts Swap the order of global usage messages
Put the more important one first.
Jan 16, 2009
Duncan Coutts Improve runE parse error message
Only really used in parsing config files derived from command line flags.
Jan 18, 2009
Duncan Coutts Make 'ghc-options: -O0' a warning rather than an error c3723bb
Jan 21, 2009
Joachim Breitner Typo in docs for source-repository bdd3425
Jan 22, 2009
Duncan Coutts Fix openNewBinaryFile on Windows with ghc-6.6
fdToHandle calls fdGetMode which does not work with ghc-6.6 on
windows, the workaround is not to call fdToHandle, but call
openFd directly. Bug reported by Alistair Bayley, ticket #473.
Duncan Coutts filter -threaded when profiling is on
Fixes #317. Based on a patch by
Duncan Coutts Fix installIncludeFiles to create target directories properly
Previously for 'install-includes: subdir/blah.h' we would not
create the subdir in the target location.
Jan 23, 2009
Duncan Coutts Update changelog for fc5ec36
Jan 25, 2009
Duncan Coutts Filter ghc-options -threaded for libs too 181a7f6
Duncan Coutts Check for ghc-options: -threaded in libraries
It's totally unnecessary and messes up profiling in older ghc versions.
Jan 26, 2009
alexeevg Warn if C dependencies not found (kind of fixes #262)
This is just a basic check - generate a sample program and check if it compiles and links with relevant flags. Error messages (warning messages, 
actually) could use some improvement.
Jan 28, 2009
Duncan Coutts Add Distribution.Compat.CopyFile module
This is to work around the file permissions problems with the
standard System.Directory.copyFile function. When installing
files we do not want to copy permissions or attributes from the
source files. On unix we want to use specific permissions and
on windows we want to inherit default permissions. On unix:
copyOrdinaryFile   sets the permissions to -rw-r--r--
copyExecutableFile sets the permissions to -rwxr-xr-x
Duncan Coutts Use copyOrdinaryFile and copyExecutableFile instead of copyFile
This is a minimal patch for the Cabal-1.6 branch only.
Jan 29, 2009
Duncan Coutts Export setFileOrdinary and setFileExecutable from Compat.CopyFile 38955d6
Duncan Coutts Make the Compat.CopyFile module with with old and new ghc a69f15d
Jan 30, 2009
RossPaterson move imports outside ifdef GHC 08c8613
alexeevg #262 iterative tests for foreign dependencies
Optimize for succesful case. First try all libs and includes in one command, 
proceed with further tests only if the first test fails. The same goes for libs 
and headers: look for an offending one only when overall test fails.
Jan 31, 2009
Duncan Coutts Do the check for foreign libs after running configure
This lets us pick up build info discovered by the ./configure script
Duncan Coutts Use the cc, cpp and ld options when checking foreign headers and libs
In partiular this is needed for packages that use ./configure
scripts to write .buildinfo files since they typically do not
split the cpp/cc/ldoptions into the more specific fields.
Duncan Coutts Improve the error message for missing foreign libs and make it fatal
The check should now be accurate enough that we can make it an
error rather than just a warning.
Feb 01, 2009
Samuel Bronson Fix message suggesting the --executables flag 61eeab6
Feb 03, 2009
Samuel Bronson Correct docdir -> mandir in InstallDirs 71a09c7
Feb 05, 2009
Duncan Coutts Fix compat functions for setting file permissions on windows
Spotted by Dominic Steinitz
Feb 06, 2009
Duncan Coutts Don't build ghci lib if we're not making vanilla libs
As the .o files will not exist.
Duncan Coutts Only print message about ignoring -threaded if its actually present 84a80ab
Feb 12, 2009
Samuel Bronson Make documentation validate 1e9e439
Feb 13, 2009
Samuel Bronson Folly the directions for docbook-xsl
As it says in

  - Use the base canonical URI in combination with one of the
    pathnames below. For example, for "chunked" HTML, output:
Duncan Coutts Validate the docbook xml before processing.
Apparently xsltproc does not validate against the dtd.
This should stop errors creaping back in.
Feb 18, 2009
Duncan Coutts Use more cc options when checking for header files and libs
Use -I. to simulate the search path that gets used when we tell ghc
to -#include something. Also use the include dirs and cc options of
dependent packages. These two changes fix about 3 packages each.
Duncan Coutts Final changelog updates for 9dcbfae
Duncan Coutts Update versions mentioned in the README 4a8abb2
Duncan Coutts Specify a temp output file for the header/lib checks
Otherwise we litter the current dir with a.out and *.o files.
Feb 19, 2009
Duncan Coutts Compat fixes for ghc-6.4.x d64bb03
Duncan Coutts Fix sdist so that it preserves executable permissions
Needed for ./configure scripts etc.
Mar 17, 2009
Nicolas Pouillard Avoid coping N executables N times (Ticket #525) ae56c60
Mar 26, 2009
igfoo Bump version number, ->
And added a changelog entry