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The documentation is missing from the package BNFC-meta, although the build is successful. I can't find what causes this in the build log and running "cabal haddock" om my machine works.

There is a similar issue in a previous version but it seems to have been caused by a problem in a dependency (Alex-meta) this caused a successful build to be reported although some combination of Template Haskell and comments made Haddock crash.


byorgey commented Nov 6, 2012

Note that you can still access the build log if you know the right place to look -- namely

but maybe you already knew that. The relevant error seems to be

HsColour: Language/LBNF/CFtoHappy.hs: hGetContents: invalid argument (invalid byte sequence)

I'm guessing you have some non-UTF8 characters in CFtoHappy.hs somewhere. Indeed,

-- Happy doesn't allow characters such as <E5><E4><F6> to occur in the happy file.
$ file Language/LBNF/CFtoHappy.hs    
Language/LBNF/CFtoHappy.hs: ISO-8859 text

So you can fix this by changing the encoding of that file. But the larger issue (with which I am in complete agreement) is that Hackage needs greatly improved error reporting. Hopefully Hackage2 will improve the situation.

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