Have the standard commands use the sandbox, if present #1104

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tibbe commented Nov 8, 2012

Currently the sandbox can only be used through the temporary and hidden sandbox family of commands. These commands should be merged into their corresponding non-sandbox commands, which should check for the presence of a sandbox and use it, if present.

@ghost ghost assigned 23Skidoo Nov 8, 2012


tibbe commented Jan 15, 2013

Note that there's currently no e.g. cabal sandbox-bench command. We need to make sure that bench and test work as expected once the UI has been merged.


23Skidoo commented Jan 20, 2013

I'll be away during the next ten days, won't be able to work on the remaining issues during this period.


23Skidoo commented Feb 25, 2013

A bit unfortunate that the Hackage wiki is offline since we had the design document there.


tibbe commented Feb 25, 2013

I checked if Google's cache had it but no luck. I think the behavior is pretty straight-forward though. cabal configure behaves like today's cabal configure if no sandbox is present and as today's cabal sandbox-configure if a sandbox is present. Same for the other commands.

We'll have some commands for managing the sandbox, like cabal sandbox init, cabal sandbox add-source, cabal sandbox remove-source, etc.


23Skidoo commented Feb 26, 2013

Yes, that part I remember. I was just wondering if there was some information there that I forgot.


23Skidoo commented Feb 28, 2013

With regard to subcommands (such as cabal sandbox init) - should I just parse extraArgs in sandboxAction or would it be better to add support for subcommands to D.S.Command?


tibbe commented Feb 28, 2013

Supporting subcommands in D.S.Command would be ideal, but if it's too disruptive we can start with just using extraArgs (but still using D.S.Command to parse those, if that makes sense).


23Skidoo commented Mar 20, 2013

I've moved the design docs to the new wiki: Package Environments, Sandboxed Builds and Isolated Environments.


tibbe commented Mar 20, 2013

@23Skidoo Great, thanks. Could you leave a pointer to the branch you're working on here for reference?


tibbe commented Apr 12, 2013

Done in #1256

@tibbe tibbe closed this Apr 12, 2013

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