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cabal-install does not use --with-hc and --with-hc-pkg options when installing packages #113

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(Imported from Trac #121, reported by mnislaih on 2007-03-30)

cabal-install understands the --with-hc and --with-hc-pkg options, but seems to be ignoring them. I have ghc 6.6 and 6.7 coexisting in my system, and find that cabal-install will only install packages to the first one in $PATH, no matter what value these options are given.

I don't think this the expected behaviour, but maybe I'm wrong. I will include a patch too

@SyntaxPolice SyntaxPolice was assigned

(Imported comment by mnislaih on 2007-03-30)

a two-liner fix


(Imported comment by mnislaih on 2007-03-30)

It turns out that I was misunderstanding the way options to cabal-install work. I learnt that you have to pass the -with-hc and -with-hc-pgk options after the install command. Otherwise they are interpreted as options to cabal-install.

To sum up, this is what I wanted:

cabal-install install --user --with-hc=my-ghc --with-hc-pkg=my-ghc-pkg binary
Which is totally different from this:
cabal-install --user --with-hc=my-ghc --with-hc-pkg=my-ghc-pkg install binary
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