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cabal build <component> fails for test suites #1147

tibbe opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Johan Tibell Thomas Tuegel Duncan Coutts
Johan Tibell

I tried to build the intmap-lazt-properties component of the containers package using the new support for building individual components. It fails with this message:

$ cabal build test:intmap-lazy-properties
Configuring with default flags. If this fails, please run configure manually.
Resolving dependencies...
Configuring containers-
cabal: Cannot build the test suite 'intmap-lazy-properties' because test
suites are not enabled. Run configure with the flag --enable-tests

It seems like we need to reconfigure with --enable-test automatically.

The same most likely goes for benchmarks.

Duncan Coutts dcoutts was assigned
Thomas Tuegel

This has been fixed for ages.

Thomas Tuegel ttuegel closed this
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