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cabal init reverse path order in some cases #1160

dagit opened this Issue December 28, 2012 · 0 comments

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Jason Dagit Brent Yorgey
Jason Dagit

Rileld in #haskell discovered this. He had a path like this:


And cabal init was saying:

cabal: /home/Rileld/rpmbuild/noarch/RPMS: does not exist

You can see his log here:

A simpler test case is this:

mkdir cabal-init-test && cd cabal-init-test && mkdir -p FOO/bar && cabal init # now provide default answers

You will see that cabal init reverses the directories in the path so that it cannot find bar/FOO.

I believe the bug lives in the Heuristics module for init, perhaps in this function:

Brent Yorgey byorgey closed this in c833d64 December 28, 2012
Jason Dagit dagit referenced this issue in creswick/cabal-dev March 05, 2013

cabal-dev complaining about missing directory #98

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