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Bitrotted Makefile in Cabal directory #1171

bmillwood opened this Issue · 4 comments

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There's a Makefile in the Cabal subdirectory that contains the wrong version and references stuff that has been deleted for years (e.g. tests/ModuleTest.hs).

Does anyone know why it's there? Has anyone used it since 2008?


(While we're on the subject of strange files that haven't been touched in ages, what's with DefaultSetup.hs? git log --follow says not touched since 2008).


I think DefaultSetup.hs should have been removed with 21dc557 , and now serves no purpose.


Does anyone know why it's there? Has anyone used it since 2008?

I've never used it or DefaultSetup.hs. Maybe @dcoutts knows?


As I mention in #1180, the Makefile is currently the only way, as far as I can see, of building the docs. I suggest someone more in the know slims it down a bit, so that that is /all/ it does. Alternatively, if we want to install some hooks so that it actually gets built and installed with the API docs, we could get rid of the Makefile altogether.

I like the idea of binning the Makefile – we're developing a build system here, it's a bit of a cop-out to use someone else's. But at the moment there's no way to say "building the docs requires Pandoc, but building the library doesn't". Perhaps it's better (or simpler, at least) to keep it that way and keep the Makefile (although we could still, if we wanted, include the user's guide pre-compiled with the source distribution, and install it in a post-haddock hook).

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