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Feature request: Super fast output of all warnings #1179

nh2 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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For SublimeHaskell (and potentially all other editors and similar tools) we need to quickly be able to list all warnings of a cabal project.

cabal build does not show warnings on already compiled modules, so we currently use

cabal build --ghc-options="-fforce-recomp -Wall -fno-code"

to quickly get all warnings of the project. This is obviously slow since all code has to be re-compiled (even though code generation can be skipped).

It would be nice if cabal could use its knowledge of which code has no changes to maintain a cache of warnings and error messages that can be queried super quickly.

We could then add an option cabal build --check that only typechecks the project and prints out all errors/warnings of unchanged files from the cache, so that a no-op typecheck with warnings is instant and can give feedback very quickly or even as you type.

@ttuegel ttuegel added the library label
@ttuegel ttuegel added this to the Cabal-1.24 milestone
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