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cabal sandbox paths default to not being relative paths #1490

cartazio opened this Issue · 10 comments

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if i do

mkdir test
cd test
cabal sandbox init
cabal install void # or any other package
cd ..
mkdir test2
mv test test2/
cd test2/test
cabal install data-reify

i get

carter test2/test » cabal install data-reify
cabal: No sandbox exists at /Users/carter/test/.cabal-sandbox

this suggests to me that the default paths in the cabal sandbox config (for the data that is local to the sandbox) should be relative paths, because its very unintuitive that moving a sandbox breaks the config files


hrmmm. seems like theres no support for relative paths currently in cabal, I tried changing the sandbox config file to use relative paths and cabal errored out


Yes, that's a known limitation.

@23Skidoo 23Skidoo was assigned

I would like to be able to point to paths in ./cabal.config using $pwd/blah/blah


@tonymorris where $pwd is the sandbox root directory?


Yes, the directory containing cabal.config.





I faced that multiple time and that would be great to avoid all the manual editing...



A $pwd var would suffice.


Would make it easier to commit sandbox files and use them on different machines.

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