feature: cabal sandbox add-source <git-repo> (darcs too ideally…) #1534

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kowey commented Oct 6, 2013

One potentially useful thing for teams working with complex families of packages would be able to add source code repositories (bonus: ability to pick out branches…). This is quite helpful for synchronisation and avoids time wasted in “oh wait, that's why you're having trouble; you need to pull the lastest git version of the foo dependency from my branch” style discussions in mid-development. For me, getting somebody up and running with this new feature would consist in handing them a list of URIs for sources, and that'd be it.

Alternatives that I'm aware of so far would be to write people scripts (a bit tricky if you have Windows/Unix mixed teams) or to use something like cabal-meta instead (but preferable not to have to give people a new cmd to learn like cabal-dev)

Otherwise, the new cabal sandbox is making me happy. Thanks, devs!

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23Skidoo commented Oct 6, 2013

Yes, I plan to implement this at some point.

Otherwise, the new cabal sandbox is making me happy.

Glad to hear that!

23Skidoo commented Dec 9, 2013

I'm starting to think that it's better to fix this by implementing #1367 and using svn:externals or git submodules for external packages in your tree.


This would also be valuable when you need to make updates to someone else's public repo. When you fork, fix and then submit a pull request, it would be great to be able to just point cabal at your fork so that you can keep working on your project. Then, when/if the package maintainer accepts the pull and updates Hackage revert to using it as a primary source.

mietek commented Nov 11, 2014

Halcyon supports declaring sandbox sources with the HALCYON_SANDBOX_SOURCES option.

See Try Haskell for an example of declaring the git HEAD version of mueval as a sandbox source.

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