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JHC's generated .ho files should go under dist/ #212

bos opened this Issue · 2 comments

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(Imported from Trac #219, reported by @dcoutts on 2008-01-26)

Apparently JHC puts .ho files into the src dirs.

That will not work any more since we only clean the dist/ directory. It's really much simpler that way.

The fix is probably to pass some extra flag to jhc when compiling in Distribution/Simple/JHC.hs. Should be easy to fix for anyone who has a working jhc installed.


(Imported comment by @igfoo on 2008-01-26)

One way (the best way, in my opinion) to fix this for all cases is just to copy the source files into dist/. Depending on how the code is structured, it might make sense to use cp as a preprocessor or something.


This bug is 5 years old and no one is really working on JHC support (and I believe no Cabal devs test against JHC). I'm closing this as realistically no one is going to work on it. If you feel strongly about better JHC support, please make a pull request with a fix.

@tibbe tibbe closed this
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