[nix-local-build] Need new-style clean #2957

ezyang opened this Issue Dec 17, 2015 · 5 comments


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ezyang commented Dec 17, 2015

A few bugs:

  1. "cabal clean" doesn't clean dist-newtyle. Maybe need a "cabal new-clean"?
  2. cabal clean obviously isn't going to respect projects

CC @dcoutts

dcoutts commented Dec 17, 2015

What should it clean do you think? All the local packages and cached info? Or just one package, or ?

ezyang commented Dec 17, 2015

Current cabal clean just cleans one package (e.g. that happens if you use it in a sandbox?) so that's my inclination. Though I'm not sure.

hvr commented Dec 19, 2015

Fwiw, I'd expect cabal new-clean to remove the dist-newstyle/ which may contain all sorts of executables and local artifacts (i.e. non-cabal-store artifacts)


note that custom Setup.hs gets compiled into $PACKAGE/dist/.. even with new-build. so new-build clean might need to

packages `forM_` \path -> rm -rf (path</>dist)

as well. (sorry for the haskell/bash mixture, it is horrible.)

@ezyang ezyang added this to the _|_ milestone Aug 24, 2016
ezyang commented Aug 24, 2016

Putting this low priority because the workaround is really simple (just delete dist-newstyle yourself.)

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