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(Imported from Trac #313, reported by @igfoo on 2008-07-15)

It would be nice if Cabal had a way to do source line counting. Two programs I know of to do the hard work are sloccount and ohcount

I've also attached a small perlscript from the GHC source tree, but it has some drawbacks (most notably, only supporting Haskell).

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(Imported comment by @dcoutts on 2008-07-15)

Why do we want the Cabal lib to do this? I can see why we might want these stats on the hackage page, but do we need it elsewhere? If anything I guess it could go in cabal-install in some stats command.

What is the use case? What user interface might you expect?

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(Imported comment by @igfoo on 2008-07-16)

Cabal knows which files are source files. Just saying something like sloccount . will include generated files, e.g Parser.hs, and will also look at files under _darcs.


Given that there is no activity since 2008, I propose we close this issue. Please re-open or create another ticket if this is still desired. /cc @tibbe

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