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Support for creating a static package repo #402

bos opened this Issue · 2 comments

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(Imported from Trac #409, reported by mnislaih on 2008-11-19)

Usual scenario:

Bob has a bunch of packages for personal use he does not want or cannot upload to hackage. All he needs is a public_html folder, his packages in tar.gz files, and a bit of help to set up a private static hackage repo.

RubyGems allows this with the generate_index command, see here.

Since cabal-install supports multiple package sources already, the only thing missing is a command to generate the index and directory structure.


(Imported comment by mnislaih on 2008-11-19)

I bit the bullet and hacked cabal-install to support this.
I extended cabal with a server command which expects to find the tar.gz files corresponding to packages in the current directory and will create the index file as well as the dir structure.

As cabal-install now by default uses the new hackage server directory structure and not the one described in [HackageDB], my patch tries hard to produce the former structure, so to avoid the need to patch the clients too.

A patch is attached. Although it is not very smart and will only work in Unix systems, it still could be useful to someone.


(Imported comment by mnislaih on 2008-11-19)

updated to Cabal 1.8.0

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