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specify hidden modules as everything not exposed #578

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(Imported from Trac #585, reported by wisnesky on 2009-09-15)

I'm trying to package a large Haskell project (currently built using make) to Cabal, and although we only want to expose around a dozen modules, the implementation of those modules uses hundreds of other modules. It seems like I need to explicitly list each of these hidden modules in the .cabal file in order to generate a library that will link correctly. Ideally, I could just say what the exposed modules are, and have every other module hidden by default.


(Imported comment by @dcoutts on 2009-09-15)

This is a long-standing problem. Cabal currently relies on ghc --make to do the dependency chasing, so Cabal doesn't actually know which modules are needed, which is part of the reason they all need to be listed.

The major feature that would fix this (and several related features) is to implement a make-style module/file dependency framework (see #15).


Closing as there's been no activity in years.

We're cleaning up the bug tracker to make it useful again and are thus closing bugs that haven't seen any activity in a long time. Please re-open (or file a new bug) if the problem reappears.

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