implement "new age" cabal-get/put in order to make it possible to distribute cabal-get w/ cabal #69

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(Imported from Trac #62, reported by @SyntaxPolice on 2006-02-13)

This is part of the layered too reorganization.

Isaac and audrey started on this

  1. the new hackagedb format is juts flat files with some index, much like apt
  2. see the cabal source code for cabal-get (aka Hackage Client)
  3. a new server setup is necessary
    1. we'll have a "put" binary on the monk server, instead of a client/server tool. only ppl in the right group on monk can run it, so it's already ppl we trust (no trojens from the internet)
    2. see []( for rough implementation
    3. that includes the new pub/unstable directory layout
  4. finish implementing the cabal-server-install tool and get it working on monk in a "live" pub directory
  5. test & debug
  6. start to collect 'testing' directory; a set of cabal, compilers?, & packages that all work together!
cabal-get should be trim enough to be included with cabal itself. Right now, it has a large number of dependencies including haxml and http libraries. Using more limited versions of these would allow us to include it with cabal.

See also the CabalInstall page.

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bos commented May 24, 2012

(Imported comment by @dcoutts on 2006-02-13)

Hackage is working well. cabal-install will be released some time after ghc-6.8.1. It will not be included in the Cabal package since it has more dependencies than the Cabal library.

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