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could use more options for framework linking on mac #751

bos opened this Issue May 24, 2012 · 1 comment

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bos commented May 24, 2012

(Imported from Trac #761, reported by simonmic on 2010-11-10)

It seems you can list apple frameworks in a .cabal file like other libs, but I'm not sure how to influence where cabal looks for those frameworks. When trying to link with some in a non-standard place, I wished for an --extra-framework-dirs option. There is a rumoured -framework option, I haven't found much info in --help or online about all this.

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bos commented May 24, 2012

(Imported comment by @dcoutts on 2010-11-10)

The point here is that .cabal files have:

And cabal configure has an --extra-lib-dirs flag too because people install things in non-standard places.

For frameworks we only have a frameworks field in the .cabal file and no way to specify extra search dirs either in the .cabal file or on the command line. This stuff should mirror what we have for ordinary C libs.

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