please link "built on" entries in package descriptions to hackage build logs #756

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(Imported from Trac #766, reported by claus on 2010-11-17)

It seems that build logs are no longer linked from package pages (used to be linked from the built on entries, iirc), such as:

Also, the latest/ directory has doc/, but not logs/, while the archived versioned directory has both:

And, since I've more than once confused myself with that directory structure (package singular, but packages/archive plural? why the different prefix, where a version number postfix should be enough? why both and, could that be simplified (or, at least, a link be provided from the package-entry to the shadow-hierarchy packages/archive)?

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(Imported comment by ross on 2010-11-17)

The build logs haven't gone away: they were only ever linked from a package page for failed builds, and they're still there.

As for the directory layout, that's a bit of an accident from the directory I was given when I set up hackage in Jan 2007. When the new version arrives it may have a different layout.

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(Imported comment by claus on 2010-11-17)

It is useful to have direct access to the build logs. Even for successful builds, I occasionally use them to check for warnings/non-fatal errors, to see whether these appear only on my platform/setup, or also on hackage.

Same suggestion for any new version of hackage.

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This isn't a Cabal issue.

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