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robustify & release cabal-get #79

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(Imported from Trac #87, reported by paolo on 2006-07-04)

Plan towards the goal of making cabal-get working in local installs:

The high-level details can be found in this ticket and the ones it links to. These should probably be cleaned up a bit.


  1. Deploy hackageDB directory hierarchy as [here](
    • test cabal-get on your local directory hierarchy, coordinate w/ audrey to understand how to do this, or ask Isaac for help
    • finish implementing the "put" program [found here](
      • the only probelm with it is that 00-latest.txt isn't generated correctly yet
    • Deploy directories and "put" on monk
    • consider changing the format of 00-latest.txt
      • do we want md5sums there?
    • upload all work and publically announce end of first phase
  2. Finish up the work started on ticket #65.
    • Fix the churns in dependencies hierarchy
    • Take xml-rpc away completely
    • Chase the other dependencies
  3. Simplify hackageDB architecture
    • Take xml-rpc away from here too
    • Take the web frontend away for now, or update it to use the 00-latest.txt


  1. Get cabal, cabal-get buildable on student computer locally

(Imported comment by @nominolo on 2006-07-04)

This seems to be obsolete. Can someone check please?


(Imported comment by @dcoutts on 2007-10-25)

Yes, this is pretty old. We've deployed hackageDB and made releases of cabal-upload and cabal-install.

@bos bos closed this
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