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hackage-mirror should handle errors more gracefully #909

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(Imported from Trac #919, reported by @bgamari on 2012-02-22)

hackage-mirror against fails with,

$ hackage-mirror http://bgamari:xxx@localhost:8080/
17816 packages to mirror.
mirroring PlslTools-0.0.1
hackage-mirror: Failed to upload package PlslTools-0.0.1,
HTTP error code 400, Bad Request
short tar trailer
While the source of the error is unclear, it's a sign that the error handling should be more robust. Perhaps failing packages should be skipped until it's very clear that something is horribly wrong (e.g. a heuristic like 10 packages fail in a row)?

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The hackage-mirror now has a --keep-going flag.

@dcoutts dcoutts closed this
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