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fixed crash when printing latest versions with 'cabal install' #1018

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A recent patch introduced the feature that 'cabal install --dry-run' would print latest version numbers for packages to be installed. This failed if the package that was installed (the actual target, not a dep) wasn't uploaded to hackage:

cabal: Prelude.last: empty list

This patch fixes this.

(This is my first patch to cabal. If I did violate some coding or other guidelines, please tell me!)


Is lookupPackageName really guaranteed to return packages in version order?

Hmm... aha, I see that it is, according to, but this really ought to be better documented...

The last was introduced in the previous patch. I don't know about lookupPackageName.


Right, I know last was from the previous patch, I just hadn't looked at the previous patch carefully so commented here. In any case, all is well.


Also, when I said "this ought to be better documented", I meant in Distribution.Client.PackageIndex, not here.

I see. Indeed, all is well. Thanks for merging.

@byorgey byorgey merged commit 47f280e into haskell:master
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Showing with 12 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +12 −7 cabal-install/Distribution/Client/Install.hs
19 cabal-install/Distribution/Client/Install.hs
@@ -506,15 +506,20 @@ printPlan dryRun verbosity plan sourcePkgDb = case plan of
diff -> " changes: " ++ intercalate ", " (map change diff)
showLatest :: ConfiguredPackage -> String
- showLatest pkg = if pkgVersion /= latestVersion
- then (" (latest: " ++ display latestVersion ++ ")")
- else ""
+ showLatest pkg = case mLatestVersion of
+ Just latestVersion ->
+ if pkgVersion /= latestVersion
+ then (" (latest: " ++ display latestVersion ++ ")")
+ else ""
+ Nothing -> ""
pkgVersion = packageVersion pkg
- latestVersion =
- packageVersion . last
- . SourcePackageIndex.lookupPackageName (packageIndex sourcePkgDb)
- $ (packageName pkg)
+ mLatestVersion :: Maybe Version
+ mLatestVersion = case SourcePackageIndex.lookupPackageName
+ (packageIndex sourcePkgDb)
+ (packageName pkg) of
+ [] -> Nothing
+ x -> Just $ packageVersion $ last x
toFlagAssignment :: [Flag] -> FlagAssignment
toFlagAssignment = map (\ f -> (flagName f, flagDefault f))
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