Implement a haskell-suite compiler support #1530

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Haskell suite adds a new compiler flavor to Cabal, except it is not tied to any particular compiler. Hopefully, this may be one of the last compiler flavors added to Cabal. (related: #57)

It is already used by the haskell suite interface generator.

As far as I know, Fay is also interested in using haskell-packages, but the necessity to build a patched version of Cabal is a major hindrance for them.


Yes we'd much rather use haskell-packages than add more stuff to Cabal :)

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Looks nicely self-contained, so merging shouldn't be much of a risk.

@dcoutts, can you take a look?

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Yes, looks OK.

The bit about getting registered packages, and registering packages could probably share code with the Distribution.Simple.Program.HcPkg code, since it seems to share the same command line syntax. That HcPkg module does allow the program to be specified so it's fine for it to be the "${haskell-suite-compiler} pkg" syntax.

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OK, merging.

@feuerbach If you want to refactor the code to use Distribution.Simple.Program.HcPkg, please do a separate pull request.

@23Skidoo 23Skidoo merged commit 47a3957 into haskell:master Oct 14, 2013

Thanks! I'll look into HcPkg.

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