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Migration from trac

benmachine edited this page Apr 2, 2013 · 18 revisions

Cabal used to be hosted in a darcs repository with an accompanying Trac for bugs and a wiki. However, the popularity of github was too much to resist, and the project was moved to git some time in April 2012 (cf. 16ed5a5a).

The issues were imported en masse. Unfortunately, the issue numbers didn't quite match up, so cross-references were broken. However, they're normally fewer than 10 apart, and each original Trac ID is included in the imported tickets, so it's generally possible to find what you were looking for by manually tweaking the ticket number.

The wiki was not mass-imported, but what looked relevant has been copied over here page-by-page. There's an oddity in that I changed Pandoc versions mid-way through the import, so some things are in a slightly different style from others.

I've divided the imported pages into the following (purely provisional) categories:

Things that have been read over and seem relevant and up-to-date (March 2013)

Things that are outdated but could use revival:

Things that may or may not be worth reviving:

Things probably of purely archival interest:

Things not imported:

  • HackageDB/*
  • Trac stuff:
    • InterMapTxt
    • InterTrac
    • InterWiki
    • PageTemplates
    • RecentChanges
    • SandBox
    • TitleIndex
    • Trac*
    • Wiki*
    • WikiStart isn't really Trac stuff, but it's really too Hackagey to make sense here.
  • SCons seemed too short to bother with.
  • TicketDifficulties is no longer relevant.
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