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Add instructions to readme for setting up TUF

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sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unzip libicu-dev

## Setting up security infrastructure

If `datafiles/` is your static files directory (containing, for instance,
`datafiles/templates`), you will need to create a directory `datafiles/TUF`. Use
the [hackage-repo-tool]( to
create private keys:

hackage-repo-tool create-keys --keys /path/to/keys

Then copy over the timestamp and snapshot keys to the TUF directory:

cp /path/to/keys/timestamp/<id>.private datafiles/TUF/timestamp.private
cp /path/to/keys/snapshot/<id>.private datafiles/TUF/snapshot.private

Create root information:

hackage-repo-tool create-root --keys /path/to/keys -o datafiles/TUF/root.json

And finally create a list of mirrors (this is necessary even if you don't have
any mirrors):

hackage-repo-tool create-mirrors --keys /path/to/keys -o datafiles/TUF/mirrors.json

The `create-mirrors` command takes a list of mirrors as additional arguments if
you do want to list mirrors.

At this point your server is good to go. In order for secure clients to
bootstrap the root security metadata from your server, you will need to provide
them with the public key IDs of your root keys; you can find these as the file
names of the files created in `/path/to/keys/root` (as well as in the generated
root.json under the `signed.roles.root.keyids`). An example `cabal` client
configuration might look something like

remote-repo my-private-hackage
secure: True
root-keys: 18a11971b3491c697cb46e94141f50f7ee043ddc5bade200744b95543c53771f
key-threshold: 2

NOTE: The `hackage-repo-tool` is rather rudimentary at the moment. Key
management will change before the official release of the Hackage Security

## Running

cabal install -j --enable-tests

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