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Changes since 2.5.1
* haskell-indentation: Pressing tab in the rightmost position now
moves to the leftmost, by default with a warning.
* Typo fix: One haskell-indentation variable had ended up in the
haskell-ntation customize group.
* haskell-hoogle aliased to hoogle, haskell-hayoo aliased to hayoo
* Courtesy of Alex Ott:
- Additional unicode symbols for font-lock-symbols: () == /= >= <= !! && || sqrt
- M-x haskell-hayoo search added, opens using browse-url
- Bug-fix for inferior-haskell-type
* If haskell-indentation errors out, it now fail-safes to inserting
a literal newline or deleting one character, for return and
backspace respectively.
Changes since 2.4:
* haskell-indentation, a new minor mode for indentation.
Changes since 2.3:
* Update license to GPLv3.
* New derived major mode for .hsc files.
* Removed the C-c C-r binding to reload a file. You can still call
inferior-haskell-reload-file (and/or bind it to your favorite key,
including C-c C-r) or you can now use C-u C-c C-l.
* C-c C-d looks up the symbol at point in the Haddock docs.
* Haddock comments are highlighted with font-lock-doc-face if it exists.
* Use `tex' rather than `latex' for haskell-literate.
* inf-haskell.el tries to find the root of the module hierarchy to determine
the root of a project (either by looking for a Cabal file or relying on
the `module' declaration line). If all works well, this will make C-c C-l
automatically switch to the root dir, so that dependencies in other
directories are automatically found. If it doesn't, complain and/or set
inferior-haskell-find-project-root to nil.
* The new command haskell-hoogle helps you query Hoogle from Emacs.
Changes since 2.2:
* Trivial support for Cabal package description files.
* Minor bug fixes.
Changes since 2.1:
* There are now commands to find type and info of identifiers by querying an
inferior haskell process. Available under C-c C-t, C-c C-i, and C-c M-.
* Indentation now looks back further, until a line that has no indentation.
To recover the earlier behavior of stopping at the first empty line
instead, configure haskell-indent-look-past-empty-line.
* inf-haskell can wait until a file load completes and jump directly to the
first error, like haskell-ghci and haskell-hugs used to do. See the var
Changes since 2.0:
* inf-haskell uses ghci if hugs is absent.
* Fix up some binding conflicts (C-c C-o in haskell-doc)
* Many (hopefully minor) changes to the indentation.
* New symbols in haskell-font-lock-symbols-alist.
Changes since 1.45:
* keybindings C-c <char> have been replaced by C-c C-<char> so as not
to collide with minor modes.
* The following modules are now automatically activated without having to
add anything to haskell-mode-hook:
haskell-font-lock (just turn on global-font-lock-mode).
haskell-decl-scan (just bind `imenu' to some key).
* In recent Emacsen, haskell-doc hooks into eldoc-mode.
* haskell-hugs and haskell-ghci are superceded by inf-haskell.
* Indentation rules have been improved when using layout inside parens/braces.
* Symbols like -> and \ can be displayed as actual arrows and lambdas.
See haskell-font-lock-symbols.
* Tweaks to the font-lock settings. Among other things paren-matching
with things like \(x,y) should work correctly now.
* New maintainer <>.
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