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Haskell Mode NEWS -*- org -*-

This file uses Org mode. Some useful (default) key-bindings:

  • Use “C-c C-n”/”C-c C-p” to jump to next/prev heading
  • Use “<tab>” to expand/collapse nodes
  • Use “<backtab>” to cycle visibility of all nodes
  • Use “C-c C-o” to open links

Changes in 16.1

  • Require at least Emacs 24.3
  • Implemented standalone deriving indentation
  • Removed haskell-indentation-ifte-offset
  • Implemented electric characters
  • Added LiquidHaskell annotation highlight
  • Introduced haskell-hasktags-path defcustom
  • Added font lock tests for pattern synonyms
  • Hardcoded haskell-ghc-supported-extensions/options
  • Added multi-line input in haskell-interactive
  • Added haskell-mode-stylish-haskell-path
  • Added Windows CI builds
  • Added syntax highlight to Yesod rules quasi quote
  • Added support for line continuation in #define’s
  • Added support unterminated strings in indentation
  • Implemented italic and bold for haddock
  • Added significant speedups in font-lock engine
  • Added support for full complexity of backtick syntax
  • Operators at the end or beggining of line force expression continuation in indentation
  • Map haskell-mode-format-imports to C-c C-, to avoid conflict with haskell-indent
  • Improve auto add dependencies in cabal
  • Fix inferior-haskell warning font lock for GHC 8.0

Changes in 13.20

  • Require at least Emacs 24.1
  • Honor equals on its own line in data decl
  • Honor equals on separate line after guards
  • Allow haskell-process-path-* to be lists
  • Fontify True/False in cabal mode
  • Align | with = in data declarations
  • Remove haskell-package.el
  • Run stylish-haskell before save
  • Improved lexeme parsing in haskell-lexeme
  • Add haskell-interactive-copy-to-prompt
  • Remove haskell-mode-contextual-space and related var
  • Make haskell-indent-region do nothing
  • Add c2hs mode
  • Improve hasktags handling
  • Move documentation from wiki to haskell-mode manual

Changes in 13.18

  • Removed haskell-bot
  • Implement shallow indentation
  • Removed haskell-simple-indent
  • Removed haskell-indentation show dynamic positions
  • Improved indentation inside multiline strings
  • Implemented font-lock for quasi quoted XML, HTML and JavaScript
  • Added ‘{type|data} family’ to font-lock-keywords-create
  • Started using undercover.el for emacs lisp coverage
  • Added keybinding for `haskell-cabal-visit-file`
  • Added type role to font lock
  • Detect and respect the comma style of a section in cabal files

Changes in 13.16

  • Improved parsing of comma lists in haskell indentation
  • Declared turn-on-haskell-indentation as obsolete
  • Improved QuasiQuote font lock
  • Fixed indentation for Unicode symbols
  • Improved completion engine
  • Added support for interaction with stack ghci
  • Added haskell-forward-sexp
  • Added overlays to haskell load
  • Made use of lexical binding for all emacs lisp sources
  • Improved indentation of guards with commas
  • Made three indentation modes mutually turn each other off
  • Added an additional trigger for pragma suggestions
  • Improved and documented `toggle-scc-at-point` in manual

Changes in 13.14

  • Add official Haskell Mode logo
  • Add auto deploy for html manual
  • Improve presentation mode
  • Font Lock refactoring and improvements
  • Properly delimit operators in prettify mode
  • OPTIONS and LANGUAGE completion using ghci
  • Merge hi2 (haskell-indentation attempt 2) in place of haskell-indentation
  • Prompt to reconfigure when Cabal demands it
  • Fontify pragmas while fontifying comments
  • Operators are fontified
  • Remove all mentions of cabal-dev
  • Merge hsc-mode into haskell-mode
  • Get type information from ghci in interaction-mode
  • Prettify Haskell types in eldoc support
  • Added haskell-hoogle-url
  • Fix w3m-haddock in the case of no local files

Changes in 13.12

  • Added haskell-bot.el
  • Added support for cabal repl build targets
  • Automatically add import lines via Hoogle
  • Automatically add package to cabal file
  • Added w3m-haddock.el
  • Added debugger mode
  • Added preliminary :present support
  • Added haskell-sort-imports
  • Added haskell-complete-module
  • Support if and multi-way if in indentation
  • Add support to generate tags on windows
  • Add haskell-language-extensions variable
  • Improve haskell-simple-indent mode
  • Improve test cases

Changes in 13.10

  • Small fix for haskell-simple-indent: Certain indentation situations cause valname-string to be nil, which haskell-trim did not handle gracefully (naturally, since nil != “”).
  • Luke Hoersten’s Shnippet merged in under snippets/.
  • haskell-presentation-mode is now a haskell-mode derived mode.
  • Small improvement to haskell-process-do-info (works on constructors now and underscored names).
  • Add haskell-indent-spaces configuration variable.
  • The command string to run cabal commands is slightly more configurable. See: C-h f haskell-process-do-cabal-format-string

Changes in 13.8

See also detailed Git history.

  • Make `haskell-simple-indent-mode’ a proper minor mode with `SInd` as mode-line lighter
  • Support popular “λ> ” prompt in inf-haskell by default
  • Hide internal `*print-haskell-mode*’ buffers (used when `haskell-interactive-mode-eval-mode’ is active)
  • Add tab-completion support for haskell-interactive-mode (requires `:complete’ command support in GHCi)
  • Add support to `haskell-process-do-info` to perform `:browse!` query on module name when called on import statement line
  • `haskell-decl-scan-mode’:
    • New customize group `haskell-decl-scan’
    • New flag `haskell-decl-scan-bindings-as-variables’ for controlling whether to put value bindings into the “Variables” category.
    • New flag `haskell-decl-scan-add-to-menubar’ for controlling whether to add “Declarations” menu entry to menu bar.
    • New manual section node `(haskell-mode)haskell-decl-scan-mode’
  • Add support for LambdaCase syntax extension to `haskell-indentation`
  • Change `haskell-indentation-mode’ to never jump back a whole line when pressing DEL. The old behavior can be restored by setting `haskell-indentation-delete-backward-jump-line’ to t
  • New convenience function `haskell-cabal-visit-file’ for locating and visiting most likely `.cabal` file associated with current buffer
  • Add support for PackageImports and SafeHaskell syntax extensions to `haskell-decl-scan-mode’ parser
  • Add `turn-{on,off}-haskell-doc’ commands as aliases for the existing `turn-{on,off}-haskell-doc-mode’ commands
  • Add support for “cabal repl” process type to `haskell-interactive-mode’
  • Add new Haskell compilation sub-mode and associated `haskell-compile’ command

Changes in 13.7

See also detailed Git history.

  • Convert NEWS (this file) to Org mode style and include NEWS file in package and add command for visiting NEWS file (M-x haskell-mode-view-news)
  • Officially drop support for versions prior to Emacs 23
  • New work-in-progress Info manual for haskell-mode
  • Remove deprecated `haskell-{hugs,ghci}’ modules
  • Font-locking changes:
    • Remove deprecated `turn-on-haskell-font-lock` function
    • Improve font-locking of type-signatures in presence of newlines
    • Use `font-lock-preprocessor-face’ instead of the previously used `font-lock-warning-face` for CPP directives
    • Use `font-lock-warning-face` instead of the previously used `font-lock-preprocessor-face` for Git merge conflict annotations.
  • Improvements to `haskell-move-nested’ module:
    • Add support for operating on active regions
    • New interactive commands `haskell-move-nested-{left,right}` which support numeric prefix arguments for controlling the amount of shifting to apply.
  • Add `haskell-unicode-input-method.el` to distribution (enable with `turn-on-haskell-unicode-input-method`)
  • Fix all byte-compilation warnings
  • Build-system:
    • For in-place installation, `haskell-site-file.el’ is renamed to `haskell-mode-autoloads.el`
    • Auto-generate ELPA compatible README file by extracting header of haskell-mode.el
    • New “make check” target
    • Add Travis-CI build jobs for testing byte-compilation with multiple Emacs versions
  • Reorganize customize settings
    • Add new convenience function for browsing all Haskell Mode settings (M-x haskell-customize)
    • Add `:link’ keywords pointing to the new Info manual
    • Add `:group’ keywords to modes to make (M-x customize-mode) work
    • Create new customization groups `haskell-interactive’ and `inferior-haskell’ to clean up namespace
    • Create new customization group `ghc-core` containing the two new customization variables `ghc-core-program` and `ghc-core-program-args`.
  • Improvements to haskell-interactive-mode
    • Add support for deleting compile messages superseded by recompile/reloads (M-x customize-variable RET haskell-interactive-mode-delete-superseded-errors)
    • Fix `C-u M-x haskell-process-do-type` inserting bad signatures
    • Integrate with Emacs’ `next-error` subsystem
    • Add “C-c C-f” binding to REPL keymap for enabling `next-error-follow-minor-mode’
    • Add support for `-ferror-spans`-style compile messages
    • Add `-ferror-spans` as default for `haskell-process-args-ghci`
    • Add optional argument to `haskell-session-{all,installed,project}-modules’ to suppress session-creation. This is useful for yasnippet usage, see commit 517fd7e for an example.
    • Change default for `haskell-process-path-ghci` to a static “ghci”
    • Fix `haskell-interactive-switch` not selecting the REPL window
    • Make `*haskell-process-log*` buffer configurable (controlled via new `haskell-process-log` customize option)

Changes in 13.6

See also detailed Git history.

  • Switch to new versioning scheme
  • Switch to MELPA/Marmalade based packaging
  • Cleanup/refactor build-system
  • Enhance `M-x haskell-version` to report more detailed versioning information
  • Make haskell-interactive-mode emulate comint/eshell history navigation (see commit 0e96843 for more details)
  • Improvements to haskell-interactive-mode
    • Improve killing/restarting haskell-interactive sessions
    • Improve directory prompting and resolution
    • Fix redundant-import suggest trigger to support qualified imports
    • Detect all abbreviations of an user-inputted “:quit”
    • Fix regexps for recent GHC 7.x compiler messages
    • Customizable commandline args for GHCi (M-x customize-variable RET haskell-process-args-ghci)
    • New command to load or reload via prefix argument (M-x haskell-process-load-or-reload)
    • Fix haskell-interactive-mode prompt detection
    • Add cabal-ghci as supported process mode
    • Add a customization option for the visibility of multi-line errors (M-x customize-variable RET haskell-interactive-mode-hide-multi-line-errors)
  • Add forward declarations to reduce Elisp bytecompile warnings
  • Improvements to `haskell-indentation`
    • Add support for the UnicodeSyntax tokens `→`, `←`, and `∷`.
    • Indent “=” following data/type/newtype declarations.
    • Align “->”/”→” arrows in types under “::”/”∷”
    • Make customizable whether “<backspace>” deletes indentation too (via `haskell-indentation-delete-backward-indentation` and `haskell-indentation-delete-indentation`)
    • Properly indent ‘rec’ keyword, same as ‘mdo’
    • Minor optimizations.
  • Add support for “’”-prefixed constructors (-> DataKinds) to font-locking
  • New experimental haskell session menu mode (M-x haskell-menu)
  • Various minor cleanups/fixes/improvements…

Changes in 2.9.1

See also detailed Git history.

  • Bugfix release adding missing autoload declaration

Changes in 2.9.0

See also detailed Git history.

  • This is the first release after haskell-mode was migrated to GitHub
  • New experimental `haskell-interactive-mode’ module implementing a new REPL interaction mode for GHCi sessions to eventually replace the existing “inf-haskell” mode.
  • New `haskell-process-cabal’ command for interaction with cabal-install
  • New `haskell-checkers’ module
  • Update haskell-cabal-mode font-lock keywords
  • Improve scrolling of hoogle output (haskell-mode.el)
  • Derive `haskell-mode` from `prog-mode` for Emacs 24+
  • Add new binding for “<backtab>” to haskell-mode’s keymap which unindents current line
  • New modules `haskell-navigate-imports`, `haskell-sort-imports’ and `haskell-align-imports’ for operating on module import lines in Haskell source code
  • Add new binding for “C-c C-.” to haskell-mode’s keymap to sort and realign Haskell module imports
  • Add new binding for “C-c i” to haskell-mode’s keymap to jump back and forth from/to the current Haskell module’s module import section.
  • New `inferior-haskell-kind’ function for querying kind via GHCi’s “:kind”
  • New `inferior-haskell-send-decl’ for sending declarations to GHCi (bound to “C-x C-d” by default)
  • Add new `haskell-doc-use-inf-haskell` customization variable
  • Add support for bird-style literate haskell editing and a new related customization variable `haskell-indentation-birdtrack-extra-space’
  • Font locking improvements
    • Add support for Git’s merge annotation (with `font-lock-preprocessor-face’)
    • Improve `import’, `foreign import’ and `foreign export’ font locking
    • Add support for `rec’, `proc’ and `mdo` as keywords
    • Make whitespace within `– |’ and `{- |’ optional when possible
  • New `haskell-move-nested` module providing utilities for interactively {in,de}denting nested “hanging” blocks.
  • Add stylish-haskell support (enable via `haskell-stylish-on-save` customization variable)
  • Add support for generating tags on save (enable via `haskell-tags-on-save’ customization variable)
  • Set sensible dabbrev defaults in haskell-mode
  • Added `SCC` pragma insert/delete commands (`haskell-mode-insert-scc-at-point` and `haskell-mode-kill-scc-at-point’)
  • New experimental `haskell-mode-contextual-space’ command
  • And a couple more cleanups/fixes/improvements…

Changes in 2.8.0 (since 2.7.0)

See also detailed Git history.

  • Minimal indentation support for arrow syntax
  • Avoid opening a new inf-haskell window if one is already visible. Windows on other virtual desktops or iconified frames don’t count.
  • Force comint-process-echoes to nil
  • Autolaunch haskell-mode for files starting with #!/usr/bin/runghc and similar
  • Added minimal major mode for parsing GHC core files, courtesy of Johan Tibell. There is a corresponding Haskell menu entry.
  • Allow configuration of where-clause indentation; M-x customize-group haskell-indentation.

Changes since 2.6.4

  • fill-paragraph (M-q) now only affects comments, and correctly handles Haddock commentary. adaptive-fill-mode is turned off, as it was interfering.
  • Yet more unicode symbols
  • Better support for unicode encoding of haskell source files
  • mdo correctly indented
  • Indentation fixes, fixes to the fixes, and fixes to the fixes to the fixes
  • New command: M-x haskell-check, calls (by default) hlint on the current file. Also bound to C-c C-v.

    You can also use the flymake minor mode with this.

Changes since 2.5.1

  • Parser corrections for haskell-indentation and haskell-decl-scan
  • haskell-indentation: Pressing tab in the rightmost position now moves to the leftmost, by default with a warning.
  • Typo fix: One haskell-indentation variable had ended up in the haskell-ntation customize group.
  • haskell-hoogle aliased to hoogle, haskell-hayoo aliased to hayoo
  • Courtesy of Alex Ott:
    • Additional unicode symbols for font-lock-symbols: () == /= >= <= !! && || sqrt
    • M-x haskell-hayoo search added, opens using browse-url
    • Bug-fix for inferior-haskell-type
  • If haskell-indentation errors out, it now fail-safes to inserting a literal newline or deleting one character, for return and backspace respectively.

Changes since 2.4:

  • haskell-indentation, a new minor mode for indentation.

Changes since 2.3:

  • Update license to GPLv3.
  • New derived major mode for .hsc files.
  • Removed the C-c C-r binding to reload a file. You can still call inferior-haskell-reload-file (and/or bind it to your favorite key, including C-c C-r) or you can now use C-u C-c C-l.
  • C-c C-d looks up the symbol at point in the Haddock docs.
  • Haddock comments are highlighted with font-lock-doc-face if it exists.
  • Use `tex’ rather than `latex’ for haskell-literate.
  • inf-haskell.el tries to find the root of the module hierarchy to determine the root of a project (either by looking for a Cabal file or relying on the `module’ declaration line). If all works well, this will make C-c C-l automatically switch to the root dir, so that dependencies in other directories are automatically found. If it doesn’t, complain and/or set inferior-haskell-find-project-root to nil.
  • The new command haskell-hoogle helps you query Hoogle from Emacs.

Changes since 2.2:

  • Trivial support for Cabal package description files.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes since 2.1:

  • There are now commands to find type and info of identifiers by querying an inferior haskell process. Available under C-c C-t, C-c C-i, and C-c M-.
  • Indentation now looks back further, until a line that has no indentation. To recover the earlier behavior of stopping at the first empty line instead, configure haskell-indent-look-past-empty-line.
  • inf-haskell can wait until a file load completes and jump directly to the first error, like haskell-ghci and haskell-hugs used to do. See the var inferior-haskell-wait-and-jump.

Changes since 2.0:

  • inf-haskell uses ghci if hugs is absent.
  • Fix up some binding conflicts (C-c C-o in haskell-doc)
  • Many (hopefully minor) changes to the indentation.
  • New symbols in haskell-font-lock-symbols-alist.

Changes since 1.45:

  • keybindings C-c <char> have been replaced by C-c C-<char> so as not to collide with minor modes.
  • The following modules are now automatically activated without having to add anything to haskell-mode-hook: haskell-font-lock (just turn on global-font-lock-mode). haskell-decl-scan (just bind `imenu’ to some key).
  • In recent Emacsen, haskell-doc hooks into eldoc-mode.
  • haskell-hugs and haskell-ghci are superceded by inf-haskell.
  • Indentation rules have been improved when using layout inside parens/braces.
  • Symbols like -> and \ can be displayed as actual arrows and lambdas. See haskell-font-lock-symbols.
  • Tweaks to the font-lock settings. Among other things paren-matching with things like \(x,y) should work correctly now.
  • New maintainer <>.