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(inferior-haskell-module-re, inferior-haskell-use-web-docs)
(inferior-haskell-web-docs-base, haskell-package-manager-name)
(haskell-package-conf-file, inferior-haskell-module-alist): New vars.
(inferior-haskell-get-module, inferior-haskell-query-ghc-pkg)
(inferior-haskell-find-haddock): New functions to lookup Haddock docs.

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1 parent 967af56 commit c5f1425dd90bb2cd3b43c5c28f4fcd9463d2af0d monnier committed Jun 29, 2007
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@@ -53,6 +53,10 @@ The command can include arguments."
(defconst inferior-haskell-info-xref-re
"\t-- Defined at \\(.+\\):\\([0-9]+\\):\\([0-9]+\\)$")
+(defconst inferior-haskell-module-re
+ "\t-- Defined in \\(.+\\)$"
+ "Regular expression for matching module names in :info.")
(defconst inferior-haskell-error-regexp-alist
;; The format of error messages used by Hugs.
`(("^ERROR \"\\(.+?\\)\"\\(:\\| line \\)\\([0-9]+\\) - " 1 3)
@@ -260,6 +264,7 @@ The process PROC should be associated to a comint buffer."
(inferior-haskell-load-file 'reload))
(defun inferior-haskell-type (expr &optional insert-value)
"Query the haskell process for the type of the given expression.
If optional argument `insert-value' is non-nil, insert the type above point
@@ -311,6 +316,7 @@ The returned info is cached for reuse by `haskell-doc-mode'."
(insert type "\n"))
(defun inferior-haskell-info (sym)
"Query the haskell process for the info of the given expression."
@@ -339,6 +345,7 @@ The returned info is cached for reuse by `haskell-doc-mode'."
(if (interactive-p) (message "%s" result))
(defun inferior-haskell-find-definition (sym)
"Attempt to locate and jump to the definition of the given expression."
@@ -364,6 +371,189 @@ The returned info is cached for reuse by `haskell-doc-mode'."
(goto-line line)
(when col (move-to-column col))))))))
+;;; Functions to find the documentation of a given function.
+;; TODO for this section:
+;; * Support fetching of local Haddock docs pulled directly from source files.
+;; * Display docs locally? w3m?
+(defcustom inferior-haskell-module-alist-file
+ (expand-file-name "~/.inf-haskell-module-alist")
+ "Where to save the module -> package lookup table. Set this to
+`nil' to never cache to a file."
+ :group 'haskell
+ :type '(choice (const :tag "Don't cache to file" nil) string))
+(defcustom inferior-haskell-use-web-docs
+ 'fallback
+ "Whether to use the online documentation. Possible values:
+`never', meaning always use local documentation, unless the local
+file doesn't exist, when do nothing, `fallback', which means only
+use the online documentation when the local file doesn't exist,
+or `always', meaning always use the online documentation,
+regardless of existance of local files. Default is `fallback'."
+ :group 'haskell
+ :type '(choice (const :tag "Never" never)
+ (const :tag "As fallback" fallback)
+ (const :tag "Always" always)))
+(defcustom inferior-haskell-web-docs-base
+ ""
+ "The base URL of the online libraries documentation. This will
+only be used if the value of `inferior-haskell-use-web-docs' is
+`always' or `fallback'."
+ :group 'haskell
+ :type 'string)
+(defcustom haskell-package-manager-name "ghc-pkg"
+ "Name of the program to consult regarding package details."
+ :group 'haskell
+ :type 'string)
+(defcustom haskell-package-conf-file
+ (ignore-errors
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (call-process "ghc" nil t nil "--print-libdir")
+ (expand-file-name "package.conf"
+ (buffer-substring (point-min) (1- (point-max))))))
+ "Where the package configuration file for the package manager resides.
+By default this is set to `ghc --print-libdir`/package.conf."
+ :group 'haskell
+ :type 'string)
+(defvar inferior-haskell-module-alist nil
+ "Association list of modules to their packages. Each element is
+of the form (MODULE PACKAGE HADDOCK), where MODULE is the name of
+a module, PACKAGE is the package it belongs to, and HADDOCK is
+the path to that pacakage's Haddock documentation.
+This is calculated on-demand using `inferior-haskell-populate-module-alist',
+which also writes it out to a file, `inferior-haskell-module-alist-file',
+so that it can be read in quicker next time. See the documentation of
+`inferior-haskell-populate-module-alist' for more information.")
+(defun inferior-haskell-get-module (sym)
+ "Fetch the module in which SYM is defined."
+ (let ((info (inferior-haskell-info sym)))
+ (unless (string-match inferior-haskell-module-re info)
+ (error
+ "No documentation information available. Did you forget to C-c C-l?"))
+ (match-string-no-properties 1 info)))
+(defun inferior-haskell-query-ghc-pkg (&rest args)
+ "Send ARGS to ghc-pkg, or whatever the value of
+`haskell-package-manager' is. Insert the output into the current
+ (apply 'call-process haskell-package-manager-name nil t nil args))
+(defun inferior-haskell-get-package-list ()
+ "Get the list of packages from ghc-pkg, or whatever
+`haskell-package-manager-name' is."
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (inferior-haskell-query-ghc-pkg "--simple-output" "list")
+ (split-string (buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max)))))
+(defun inferior-haskell-populate-module-alist ()
+ "Populate the inferior-haskell-module-alist variable by
+querying ghc-pkg, or whatever is `haskell-package-manager-name',
+for a list of packages, and then for each package the list of
+modules it exposes. Will also write the computed alist to the
+file `inferior-haskell-module-alist-file', to save time the next
+time around, unless that variable is nil."
+ (message "Generating module alist...")
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (dolist (package (inferior-haskell-get-package-list))
+ (let ((package-w/o-version
+ (replace-regexp-in-string "[-.0-9]*\\'" "" package))
+ (case-fold-search nil) ; Uppercase letters delimit modules.
+ modules-string haddock)
+ (inferior-haskell-query-ghc-pkg "describe" package)
+ ;; Find the Haddock documentation URL for this package
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (when (re-search-forward "haddock-html:[ \t]+\\(.*[^ \t]\\)" nil t)
+ (setq haddock (match-string 1)))
+ ;; Fetch the list of exposed modules for this package
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (when (re-search-forward "^exposed-modules: " nil t)
+ (while (looking-at "[[:upper:]]\\(\\sw\\|\\.\\)+")
+ (let ((module-trim (match-string 0)))
+ (when (> (length module-trim) 0)
+ (add-to-list
+ 'inferior-haskell-module-alist
+ (list module-trim package-w/o-version haddock))))
+ (goto-char (match-end 0))
+ (skip-chars-forward "\n \t")))
+ (erase-buffer)))
+ (when inferior-haskell-module-alist-file
+ (print inferior-haskell-module-alist (current-buffer))
+ (write-file inferior-haskell-module-alist-file))
+ (message "Generating module alist... done")
+ inferior-haskell-module-alist))
+(defun inferior-haskell-read-module-alist-cache ()
+ "Read the contents of `inferior-haskell-module-alist-file', if
+it is newer than ghc-pkg's package file (referenced by
+`haskell-package-conf-file'). If not, return nil."
+ (if (file-newer-than-file-p inferior-haskell-module-alist-file
+ haskell-package-conf-file)
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (insert-file-contents-literally inferior-haskell-module-alist-file)
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (let ((alist (read (current-buffer))))
+ (setq inferior-haskell-module-alist alist)
+ (message "Read module alist from file cache.")
+ alist))))
+(defun inferior-haskell-find-haddock (sym)
+ "Find and open the Haddock documentation of SYM.
+Make sure to load the file into GHCi or Hugs first by using C-c C-l.
+Only works for functions in a package installed with ghc-pkg, or
+whatever the value of `haskell-package-manager-name' is.
+This function needs to find which package a given module belongs
+to. In order to do this, it computes a module-to-package lookup
+alist, which is expensive to compute (it takes upwards of five
+seconds with more than about thirty installed packages). As a
+result, we cache it across sessions using the cache file
+referenced by `inferior-haskell-module-alist-file'. We test to
+see if this is newer than `haskell-package-conf-file' every time
+we load it."
+ (interactive
+ (let ((sym (haskell-ident-at-point)))
+ (list (read-string (if (> (length sym) 0)
+ (format "Find documentation of (default %s): " sym)
+ "Find documentation of: ")
+ nil nil sym))))
+ (let* ((module-alist
+ (or
+ ;; If we already have computed the module → package lookup, use it...
+ inferior-haskell-module-alist
+ ;; ...otherwise read it from the cache file...
+ (and
+ inferior-haskell-module-alist-file
+ (file-exists-p inferior-haskell-module-alist-file)
+ (inferior-haskell-read-module-alist-cache))
+ ;; ...or generate it again.
+ (inferior-haskell-populate-module-alist)))
+ ;; Find the module and look it up in the alist
+ (module (inferior-haskell-get-module sym))
+ (alist-record (assoc module module-alist))
+ (package (nth 1 alist-record))
+ (file-name (concat (subst-char-in-string ?. ?- module) ".html"))
+ (local-path (concat (nth 2 alist-record) "/" file-name))
+ (url (if (or (eq inferior-haskell-use-web-docs 'always)
+ (and (not (file-exists-p local-path))
+ (eq inferior-haskell-use-web-docs 'fallback)))
+ (concat inferior-haskell-web-docs-base package "/" file-name)
+ (and (file-exists-p local-path)
+ (concat "file://" local-path)))))
+ (if url (browse-url url) (error "Local file doesn't exist."))))
(provide 'inf-haskell)
;; arch-tag: 61804287-63dd-4052-bc0e-90f691b34b40

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