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(with-selected-window): Define while compiling.

Ignore-this: d6cfa106e9f5d09f84d8c666683eaded

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1 parent c80cff5 commit ce51306ae1fb6fc0771f35a84baaf3838089c17a monnier committed Feb 14, 2007
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  1. +6 −5 inf-haskell.el
11 inf-haskell.el
@@ -151,11 +151,12 @@ setting up the inferior-haskell buffer."
(let ((proc (inferior-haskell-process arg)))
(pop-to-buffer (process-buffer proc))))
-(unless (fboundp 'with-selected-window)
- (defmacro with-selected-window (win &rest body)
- `(save-selected-window
- (select-window ,win)
- ,@body)))
+ (unless (fboundp 'with-selected-window)
+ (defmacro with-selected-window (win &rest body)
+ `(save-selected-window
+ (select-window ,win)
+ ,@body))))
(defcustom inferior-haskell-wait-and-jump nil
"If non-nil, wait for file loading to terminate and jump to the error."

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