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.ghci file prevents loading #100

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frozenQueue Chris Done

Hello. I use haskell-mode 2.8.0 with Emacs 24.2.1, with ghc 7.4.1 on Gentoo amd64. Normally I do not have any problems with the C-c C-l (Load file) command. However, after adding a simple .ghci file, to change the prompt, this command always hangs, and I have to kill emacs externally. The .ghci file consists simply of:

:set prompt "λ> "

The problems is reproducible: Removing the .ghci file causes the command to operate normally, and re-adding the .ghci file causes the command to hang.

Chris Done

Did you try the Git version? Pretty sure I fixed this ages ago.


My apologies, I wasn't aware 2.8.0 was such an old version. I am not familiar with the installation process but I will ask my distribution to update their package. 2.9.1 is the latest release, yes?

Chris Done chrisdone closed this
Chris Done

Please see #145 for any updates about releases.

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