Please make the haskell-process-logo variable configurable #102

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ulm commented Dec 9, 2012

Hi, I wonder if you could change the defconst for haskell-process-logo (in haskell-process.el) into a defvar?

Rationale: For Gentoo the policy is to install only elisp files in the site-lisp directory tree. So logo.svg will be installed elsewhere. Currently this would require us to patch haskell-process.el; with a defvar we could simply set the location from our site initialisation file.


hvr commented May 25, 2013

...would a defcustom work too?

defcustom is a form of defvar (see IMHO defcustom does not have the right semantic in this context. defcustom is really to indicate values that the user is likely to change. This is really not a user value but a packager value.


hvr commented Jun 21, 2013

Btw, using defconst seems to be what the Elisp manual suggests:

If the multi-file package contains auxiliary data files (such as images), the package's Lisp code can refer to these files via the variable load-file-name (see Loading). Here is an example:

(defconst superfrobnicator-base (file-name-directory load-file-name))

(defun superfrobnicator-fetch-image (file)
  (expand-file-name file superfrobnicator-base))

A const cannot be changed by anybody. Not even the packager. So I do not think this would solve the problem.

@hvr hvr closed this in 8244097 Jun 26, 2013

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