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Proper cabal-dev support #128

srhb opened this Issue Mar 7, 2013 · 3 comments

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srhb commented Mar 7, 2013

I would love to see cabal-dev support for C-c C-l. As far as I can see, implementing this feature is very easy (for someone who knows elisp.)

If I'm not mistaken, the solution goes like this:

1) Find project root
2) Check if there's a cabal-dev directory
3) Check if haskell-program-name-cabal-dev is set and if so:
4) Launch cabal-dev from the project root.

Would this be possible?

ivan-m commented Mar 8, 2013

I thought there was cabal-dev support in the new project-based workflow; just configure haskell-process-type.

Haskell member

If someone who uses inferior-haskell-mode wants to take ownership of this issue, please do so. See #145. Otherwise I will close next month.

@srhb srhb closed this Sep 19, 2013
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hvr commented Sep 20, 2013

note: inf-haskell will probably get cabal repl support instead

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