haskell-session-change bugs/breaks old session #64

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I have run into the following problematic scenario a number of times:

  1. I start a project (F5) - all is working well - a project/session 'myapp' is created
  2. I navigate to a module under ./test, which has it's own cabal and taps into my actual app source tree, which is under ../src relative path. Example file : test/src/Main.hs
  3. I issue haskell-session-change for the newly opened module, which creates a new project called "myapp-testsuite" - all is working well here
  4. I edit some files under my actual project. Example: src/MyApp/ABC.hs
  5. I hit haskell-process-reload-file, which should issue the command hopefully to 'myapp' session. Instead, I get a message "nothing to save"
  6. If I hit F5, it asks to create a new project 'myapp', but that is already there.
  7. The 'myapp' session gets a reload message, but nothing really reloads. The 'myapp' session is now permanently bugged - I need to quit emacs and re-log to get it working again. Meanwhile, my messages buffer notes:

(No changes need to be saved) [2 times]
Start a new project named “myapp”? (y or n) y
setf: Wrong type argument: consp, nil [2 times]


chrisdone commented Jun 20, 2012

Hmmm. Good call. Let me try to reproduce.

@ghost ghost assigned chrisdone Jun 22, 2012


chrisdone commented May 25, 2013

I think I've fixed this with some recent tweaks in 958b3 to ensure that it guesses the right session from the file buffer for this exact use-case. Please confirm.

@chrisdone chrisdone closed this Jun 2, 2013

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