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Haskell mode requires Common Lisp because of `remove-if-not` #81

wunki opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I switched from manually installing haskell-mode to installing it through the "package" interface. This caused an error because the remove-if-not function is void. In haskell-session.el you make use of the remove-if-not function. See:

This function is only available when you require common lisp somewhere, usually at the package level, like so:

(require 'cl)

I didn't create a pull request, because it could well be that I'm wrong. But I couldn't run haskell-mode without it.

Also see the following: The Emacs CL Controversy


@wunki Yep, the eval-when-compile is causing the problem. Since remove-if-not is used in the runtime cl should simply the required.

@bbatsov bbatsov referenced this issue from a commit in bbatsov/haskell-mode
@bbatsov bbatsov fixed #81 - just require cl since it's used at runtime edd2a12
@chrisdone chrisdone closed this
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