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#include "HsNet.h"
#include "HsFFI.h"
#if defined(HAVE_WINSOCK2_H) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
#include <stdio.h>
/* to the end */
const char*
getWSErrorDescr(int err)
static char otherErrMsg[256];
switch (err) {
case WSAEINTR: return "Interrupted function call (WSAEINTR)";
case WSAEBADF: return "bad socket descriptor (WSAEBADF)";
case WSAEACCES: return "Permission denied (WSAEACCESS)";
case WSAEFAULT: return "Bad address (WSAEFAULT)";
case WSAEINVAL: return "Invalid argument (WSAEINVAL)";
case WSAEMFILE: return "Too many open files (WSAEMFILE)";
case WSAEWOULDBLOCK: return "Resource temporarily unavailable (WSAEWOULDBLOCK)";
case WSAEINPROGRESS: return "Operation now in progress (WSAEINPROGRESS)";
case WSAEALREADY: return "Operation already in progress (WSAEALREADY)";
case WSAENOTSOCK: return "Socket operation on non-socket (WSAENOTSOCK)";
case WSAEDESTADDRREQ: return "Destination address required (WSAEDESTADDRREQ)";
case WSAEMSGSIZE: return "Message too long (WSAEMSGSIZE)";
case WSAEPROTOTYPE: return "Protocol wrong type for socket (WSAEPROTOTYPE)";
case WSAENOPROTOOPT: return "Bad protocol option (WSAENOPROTOOPT)";
case WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT: return "Protocol not supported (WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT)";
case WSAESOCKTNOSUPPORT: return "Socket type not supported (WSAESOCKTNOSUPPORT)";
case WSAEOPNOTSUPP: return "Operation not supported (WSAEOPNOTSUPP)";
case WSAEPFNOSUPPORT: return "Protocol family not supported (WSAEPFNOSUPPORT)";
case WSAEAFNOSUPPORT: return "Address family not supported by protocol family (WSAEAFNOSUPPORT)";
case WSAEADDRINUSE: return "Address already in use (WSAEADDRINUSE)";
case WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL: return "Cannot assign requested address (WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL)";
case WSAENETDOWN: return "Network is down (WSAENETDOWN)";
case WSAENETUNREACH: return "Network is unreachable (WSAENETUNREACH)";
case WSAENETRESET: return "Network dropped connection on reset (WSAENETRESET)";
case WSAECONNABORTED: return "Software caused connection abort (WSAECONNABORTED)";
case WSAECONNRESET: return "Connection reset by peer (WSAECONNRESET)";
case WSAENOBUFS: return "No buffer space available (WSAENOBUFS)";
case WSAEISCONN: return "Socket is already connected (WSAEISCONN)";
case WSAENOTCONN: return "Socket is not connected (WSAENOTCONN)";
case WSAESHUTDOWN: return "Cannot send after socket shutdown (WSAESHUTDOWN)";
case WSAETOOMANYREFS: return "Too many references (WSAETOOMANYREFS)";
case WSAETIMEDOUT: return "Connection timed out (WSAETIMEDOUT)";
case WSAECONNREFUSED: return "Connection refused (WSAECONNREFUSED)";
case WSAELOOP: return "Too many levels of symbolic links (WSAELOOP)";
case WSAENAMETOOLONG: return "Filename too long (WSAENAMETOOLONG)";
case WSAEHOSTDOWN: return "Host is down (WSAEHOSTDOWN)";
case WSAEHOSTUNREACH: return "Host is unreachable (WSAEHOSTUNREACH)";
case WSAENOTEMPTY: return "Resource not empty (WSAENOTEMPTY)";
case WSAEPROCLIM: return "Too many processes (WSAEPROCLIM)";
case WSAEUSERS: return "Too many users (WSAEUSERS)";
case WSAEDQUOT: return "Disk quota exceeded (WSAEDQUOT)";
case WSAESTALE: return "Stale NFS file handle (WSAESTALE)";
case WSAEREMOTE: return "Too many levels of remote in path (WSAEREMOTE)";
case WSAEDISCON: return "Graceful shutdown in progress (WSAEDISCON)";
case WSASYSNOTREADY: return "Network subsystem is unavailable (WSASYSNOTREADY)";
case WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED: return "Winsock.dll version out of range (WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED)";
case WSANOTINITIALISED: return "Successful WSAStartup not yet performed (WSANOTINITIALISED)";
case WSATYPE_NOT_FOUND: return "Class type not found (WSATYPE_NOT_FOUND)";
case WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND: return "Host not found (WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND)";
case WSATRY_AGAIN: return "Nonauthoritative host not found (WSATRY_AGAIN)";
case WSANO_RECOVERY: return "This is a nonrecoverable error (WSANO_RECOVERY)";
case WSANO_DATA: return "Valid name, no data record of requested type (WSANO_DATA)";
sprintf(otherErrMsg, "Unknown WinSock error: %u", err);
return otherErrMsg;
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