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UnixSocket handled strangely by connectTo and accept #10

bmillwood opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Ben Millwood Johan Tibell
Ben Millwood

If connectTo is used with a UnixSocket, it completely ignores the hostname argument. Which is good because there's nothing sensible to put in there, but bad because you have to fill it with a useless value (e.g. undefined), and this isn't at all mentioned in the docs.

When Network.accept is used with a socket from Network.listenOn with a UnixSocket argument, the host is filled with garbage and the port is always 65535. This is highly worrying:

module NetworkTest where

import Control.Exception

import Network
import System.IO

path :: String
path = "/tmp/networktest.sock"

server :: IO ()
server = bracket (listenOn (UnixSocket path)) close $ \s ->
  bracket (accept s) (\(h,_,_) -> hClose h) $ \(h,them,themport) ->
    putStrLn $ "Connection from: " ++ show (them,themport)

client :: IO ()
client = bracket (connectTo undefined (UnixSocket path)) hClose $ \h ->
  return ()
ghci> forkIO server
ThreadId 173
ghci> client
Connection from: ("rkov-chain-\228\US\DC2\t\SO",65535)

I have no idea what is being printed here but it doesn't look safe.

Johan Tibell

I'll have a look. The API for connectTo is quite odd indeed. Perhaps we should change it to something more sane in the next major release.

Johan Tibell tibbe was assigned
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