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No ReusePort in network- #7

tibbe opened this Issue · 4 comments

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ppavel reports that "network- coming with haskell platform 2011.2.0.0 does not have ReusePort? constructor in SocketOption? type under windows".

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We conditionally export ReuseAddr and apparently autoconf doesn't detect SO_REUSEADDR support on your platform. Not sure why.

    | ReuseAddr {- SO_REUSEADDR -}

This exact error won't happen anymore. It would still be concerning if some socket options were not detected, though.

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I need someone with a Windows machine to investigate this.


It seems SO_REUSEPORT does not exist in WinSock.

With network- of HaskellPlatform-2013.2.0.0

Prelude Network.Socket> isSupportedSocketOption ReuseAddr
Prelude Network.Socket> isSupportedSocketOption ReusePort
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