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No ReusePort in network- #7

tibbe opened this Issue April 05, 2011 · 4 comments

3 participants

Johan Tibell Ben Millwood Iku Iwasa
Johan Tibell
tibbe commented April 05, 2011

ppavel reports that "network- coming with haskell platform 2011.2.0.0 does not have ReusePort? constructor in SocketOption? type under windows".

Johan Tibell
tibbe commented April 05, 2011

We conditionally export ReuseAddr and apparently autoconf doesn't detect SO_REUSEADDR support on your platform. Not sure why.

    | ReuseAddr {- SO_REUSEADDR -}
Ben Millwood

This exact error won't happen anymore. It would still be concerning if some socket options were not detected, though.

Johan Tibell

I need someone with a Windows machine to investigate this.

Iku Iwasa

It seems SO_REUSEPORT does not exist in WinSock.

With network- of HaskellPlatform-2013.2.0.0

Prelude Network.Socket> isSupportedSocketOption ReuseAddr
Prelude Network.Socket> isSupportedSocketOption ReusePort
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